Friday, 11 November 2016

What a week that was........

No I'm not talking about the USA elections.

 I'm SULKING because we had to 
close our caravan for the season.

I'm SMILING because we got this cosy chair from Sarah Moore 
off the BBC television programme "Money For Nothing".

You know the one, where she visits council tips and blags things 
off people that they are about to chuck out.  
She then gets a team of experts to make them into something else. 
After that she sells the item on and gives the profit 
to the people who were scrapping the item initially.

You will be able to see the episode where she rescues our chair 
in series three in the new year

Can you make out that its been reupholstered 
using a tweed coat and a wool throw.
The sides of the chair still have the coat pockets.
Its fabulous and looks great in our kitchen.

I was LAUGHING my head off at  multi talented Grayson Perry 
when we saw him at The Lowry on Tuesday night.  
His one man show talking about masculinity is a scream.
You may recognise his name from his other 
talent as a renowned ceramicist.

I'm looking DETERMINED as I want to get on 
with my winter tweedy scarf.

I'm PESTERING the pants off Philip to do this to the bonnet of my car.
Its had holes drilled into it to form a pattern then 
cross stitched in different shades of blue.

my best buddy Marilyn when we had a day as guinea pigs 
at a cookery school trial breadmaking class run by another friend Anna.

I told Anna if she can teach us two anything she can teach anybody.
We certainly put her through her paces and had a wonderful time.
Have a look on my last blog page to see what we made

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  1. Oh Lynn, I really enjoyed this post with all the ups and downs of your life. 2016 has been a crazy year for the world so actually it's good to focus on the small domestic details. After all, these are our lives and we get to decide on the detail. All of it is wonderful, from the caravan, to the new chair, to wonderful Grayson Perry to your car to you and your friend Marilyn laughing your heads off! What a week. Thank you for making us all smile xxx

  2. What a cheery post! I love that armchair, she's visited Walsall for treasures a couple of times, the cookery class looked ace and I'd have loved to have seen Grayson Perry, he's ace.
    Get that scarf finished and wear it on Sunday! xxx

  3. Lovely smiles from you today Lynn. Thanks for sharing them.
    Annie x

  4. Great post today. Love your chair. I much regret letting my old three piece go. Years ago when we lived in Wigan I bought a very old three piece which still had a Utility label on it, it was gorgeous and I know you would have loved it. When we moved we gave it away thinking that we should have something new.... silly me!!! Have a great weekend, Angela x

  5. We like that programme!! Shall keep an eye out for you...the chair is fab 💖💖

  6. Apart from the closing of the caravan, you've had plenty to be happy about this week, Lynn. I've just been watching Sarah's programme - in fact, I'm a dedicated viewer so I'll be keeping my eye open to see your chair which looks really cosy and inviting. Just the thing for this time of the year. Wishing you another happy week ahead. Elizabeth xx

  7. Your post made my day. It really did make me smile. Yes, the season for sunshine and caravan is over but now begins the season of cozy evenings in you super comphy chair.
    I have never heard of that program as we don't live in the UK, but it sounds great. So this is your own old chair that you nearly chucked, and Sarah made it into this beauty? I like it.
    And Grayson Perry looks a hoot. I don't know him, but just looking at him makes me smile.
    And the bread cookery course sounds great fun. I would have loved to do that. Well done both of you as both loaves look perfect.
    Can't wait to see your shawl finished, but I'm not to sure about an embroidered Honda. Little holes in the bonnet? I don't think so.... I suppose you could paint the embroidery.
    Have a good weekend,

  8. Happy Friday Lynne....what a wonderful happy all your pics. You've had an exciting week - stitching your interesting winter scarf, making bread, wishing you had a crossed stitched car bonnet??? - mostly I doooo love the chair and it looks so comfy. Have a wonderful week Cheers Robyn

  9. Your post brought a smile to my face (even the election outcome!). I love the idea behind the chair you have. The tweed scarf looks like an amazing design and I love the idea of a cross stitched car! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to visit again. Pat :)

  10. That looks like a seriously fun week (with the exception of closing the caravan down), you and your friend look like you are having a blast bread making (and I bet it smelt heavenly).

  11. What a nice cheery post, Lynn. That chair is fabulous, by the way. We do get BBC here, so will look out for the programme. xxx

  12. My word; there is lots to smile about there Lynn. I just love your chair and the concept behind it, and I would love to have been at your baking class class too. You can't beat the smell the baking bread, though I would have been tempted to eat too much of it. Hope next week is just as much fun. Kate x