Thursday, 13 October 2016

The air has been blue

What an electrifying week - but not in a good way.

Electric main cable damaged to house.
Garage door not working, don't know why I'm laughing.

Computer broke possibly corrupt.

Telephones had to be replaced due to storm.

Our tumble dryer is one of the faulty ones, seen on the news, that are setting on fire.

You couldn't make it up could you haha.

So I've got these to console myself.

On a brighter note I did find these lovely frocks at last weekends vintage fair at the Rhegged Centre, Penrith.

The nice man has fixed our electrics and hopeful another nice man is fixing the computer.
Another nice man is bringing me a new tumble dryer next week and I've replaced the phones at a good price.

Don't ask about the garage door though.  I'll just say that Frida my little 13 year old beetle is out in the cold 

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  1. Sometimes the universe conspires against us! Dammit! But goodness you're putting a brave face on it! In fact you're looking fabulous. You are so stylish, I love to see your outfit posts. Chocolate, what a good idea. Why didn't I think of that? Xxx

    1. A girl can never have enjoyed enough frocks or chocs xxx

  2. Your two Judy's finds are fabulous and clothes really do make most things better.
    There's rarely a day goes by when something doesn't break in Chez Kinky! xxx

  3. Oh just couldn't make it all up. Hope you get it all sorted very soon my friend and can manage to smile your way through it. Sending you big loppy kisses from Milly and hugs from me.
    Annie xxxx

  4. oooooooh dear what a week Lynn, so glad it's getting sorted for you. Things do seem to happen in run and you wonder who killed the chinaman. Well have a super weekend, happy Friday Robyn

  5. Gosh, you've had a bit of a week! Thank goodness for nice men that come to the rescue!
    The new frocks totally compensate in my opinion! Lovely they are! I love vintage frocks. We don't seem to wear nice frocks anymore. Even the word 'frock' is unknown to young people....
    Have a good weekend,
    Hugs (and smiles),

  6. Oh dear, what a week! Hurray for those fabulous finds, though, which must make it all a bit more bearable. A big hug from Belgium xxx

  7. Fab dresses and of course a few chocs are needed when the electrical items pack up - a girl needs cheering up!! x Jo

  8. Hi Lynn sorry to hear that you've been having such a traumatic week, it just sounds too crazy for words. Gorgeous dress though and I think that's the first time I've seen your car. I must show you mine sometime, I have a 1972 MGB GT which has been with us for 30+ years. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  9. That was a tough a week. It can only get better. I hope all your troubles have melted away by next Friday. I am glad you had the chocs and frocks to keep you smiling. Kate x

  10. I reckon it's all the fault of Hurricane Matthew..... the shock waves came barrelling across the Atlantic and did the dirty on your electrics!
    Gorgeous look like a model 💕
    LLJ xx

  11. Just goes to prove you can weather the storm and restore everything. And you can never have enough frocks. You wear them beautifully. xxx

  12. Well, I guess it is true that if you didn't laugh you would cry. What a trail of events.
    Thank goodness for chocolates and something new to wear.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx