Monday, 17 October 2016

School sandals...

I do love changing over into my winter wardrobe.
Cardigans and woolly tights.

Now, the tights.... M&S outlet sale £2.49
Does anyone else do the same trick as me.  Buy two pairs so that when you get holes in them  you can cut off the offending legs and wear single legs and two tops.  Get it ? Also useful for acting as a girdle when you've over indulged on the carbs.

Tights M&S outlet sale £2.49

I'm managing to stay in summer frocks by adding an underskirt for warmth.

My 84 year old auntie commented today on my sandals saying she used to wear the same style for school.
My 67 year old hubby (gosh is he that old) said do you remember them with crepe soles.
Well I do remember wearing them for school.  I got these from Clarks shoe sale last year and can't believe how many Instagram friends I've seen with them on in a variety of colours.

This Moseley Scottish wool cardi is part of a twin set I bought at 
York Vintage earlier this year. It has to be one of my favourite buys.  
Its the colour, it goes with so many things.



  1. Lovely Autumn look, love the colors. And the shoes! Thanks for linking up, xo


  2. Two gorgeous outfits and fab tights and shoes, too. Topshop did some lovely shoes like yours, they keep turning up in chazzas. One day I'll find a metallic pair in my size.
    I love your tights idea. Mine opaques last for years and years. Some are probably vintage by now! xxx

  3. Love your trick with the tights and will follow suit! Those shoes are lovely and I wouldn't mind having a pair like that. I love both dresses too, and I'm sure you'll know what to do if you ever get tired of them ... ;-) xxx

  4. Don't wear tights that much but think that is a fabulous idea and one which I will copy should I wear them.
    Love the blue dress you are wearing with the sandals.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. I definitely remember the crepe soles Lynn. We used to get navy, tan or brown sandals and sometimes a lovely dark red that we had to clean with neutral polish. We got one pair every summer. I loved my sandals. Never see them these days.
    As for tights, I don't own any and don't own a dress or skirt of any description, altho' I love them, I feel waay too fat to wear them. Not had one on in over 10 years! Lol. Loving the 'come-back' fashions in the shops just now too xxx

  6. Gosh yes, those shoes we had as kids were fab and so comfy. Think I need a pair. Great idea with the tights although took me ages to figure out what you meant, doh! I love every outfit you wear and I love seeing you in your posts. Always makes me happy to see that lovely smile. Xxx