Monday, 1 August 2016

Ooh I had one of those ....

The Flookburgh Steam Fair in Cumbria 
sent me right back in time this weekend.
Looking around the classic cars i spotted this gorgeous VW Beetle, 
my first car was exactly the same as this in 1972.

I wanted to take this mini pickup home with me as it was a happy reminder of my years in the motor trade when I delivered motor parts around the North West.  It was the best job ever and how I met my husband of 36 years.

Took a pic of this little van for my window cleaner brother.

My dad had a mobile fruit and veg van when we were children and I would go to Smithfield market with him before school and clean it out on Saturday afternoon for my pocket money. Dad joked about me eating all the profits as I was always eating the pea pods.

The fair was a massive event and one for the Calender for next year

After a lovely day at Art On The Prom at Grange Over Sands on Sunday 
it's time to lock up the caravan and get back to reality till next time.


  1. Ooh! I love that old VW Beetle. I had one too but mine was bottle green.

  2. Ooh! I love that old VW Beetle. I had one too but mine was bottle green.

  3. I had Beetles too - my first was a 1972 model called 'Benny Bug'. I used to go to the VW meets and they were great fun.

    I love classic car shows, especially looling at how people style their cars; that fruit and veg van is amazing - hope it won a prize xx

  4. The colour of the VW Beetle is gorgeous. That must have brought back quite a few memories ... Love you story about your dad's fruit and veg van! xxx

  5. That V Dub matches Ebbie - Barry M nail paint blue, I call it!
    What fab motors and wonderful memories. xxx

  6. Just saw an early 60's one on the road near our house last weekend here in Maine, USA. We've lots of old car buffs around here. Looks like a great place to thrift and get some eye candy. xox

  7. I love an old beetle and that is such a great colour. Actually I love the little pick up and the van too. If I had a more mechanically minded bf, I'd have an old car. You just can't beat them. I love love love the stories from when you were younger. So cute xxx