Friday, 22 July 2016

Vintage Home Finds....foraging, fettling & admiring

I came across this lovely little watercolour painting in the charity shop today.
It was in a horrible frame, which I have subsequently ditched.
Next trip out I will be keeping my eye out for an old frame like the white ones you see the Vernon Ward prints in.

This little cutie is a present for someone later in the year.
Mentioning no names of course.  Looks like a penholder to me or perhaps your toothbrush.

These tapestry wools are the ones I've been using on a textile art piece this week.
You can see what I made here

Had to pop into the village and found this gorgeous miniature Calla Lily
in our local flower shop for £3.50

Last up you have to see our new lamp and shade, courteousy of 
Nipper and Moo Vintage Handmade Shades and Lamps
Its fabulous.

Happy Friday and weekend from the Hollands 
And happy holidays to all the children and teachers at the start of their summer break.


  1. What gorgeous smiles you're sharing today Lynn. You really do find some treasures.
    Annie x

    1. Philip thinks you are a star with your Tales of Milly xx

  2. I love that watercolour Lynn, would love to see it when it's framed. Your lampshade is rather snazzy too xxxx

    1. I'll even let you play with my on/off switch when you visit it Tina haha xxx

  3. I love the little watercolour, it's so pretty, but I am swooning over that groovy lampshade, which wouldn't look out of place in Dove Cottage! Hugs, xxx

  4. Heavens Lynn. That lamp and shade are perfect. Not sure the color is one I would have in my come, but the style of both lamp and frame are simply gorgeous and retro chic.

    That is a lovely watercolor, too. Very admirable items you got while shopping. You found perfect and useful pieces, all. Have a super weekend.

  5. Goodness. I need to read my comments before I publish. That should read in my home, not in my come!

  6. That is a lovely watercolour. I'd like to see that again when it's framed. The 70 lamp is fab. I used to have something like that in my room when i was a teenager.
    And I love that lily! What a bargain!
    Have a smiley week,

  7. Lovely snippets of your place Lynn, makes me feel cozy. Have a super weekend Robyn

  8. Well done with the shopping Lynn, gorgeous finds. When I lived in Wigan I used to visit a shop owned by Mr Tickle, you would have loved it. They had piles and piles of 40s and 50s shoes in the window, even gas masks and loads of clothes. I once bought what I thought were prints from him just for the frames and it was years later that I found that they are actually original paintings. I still have them and as it happened I never did get round to taking them out of the frames which was just as well really. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  9. Aww, that inquisitive kitten is such a cutie! That lampshade is fabulous.
    I agree, everything looks better in a white plastic frame. xxx

  10. I do love the lamp but the watercolour is adorable. don't you wonder who was the subject, a gorgeous little girl somewhere, long long ago. Probably older than me now!!!
    Jo x

  11. That little watercolour is so sweet, I hope you find the perfect frame. There's something very exciting about tapestry wools. You have a lovely selection of colours there Lynn xxx