Saturday, 16 July 2016


Saturday would not be the same without a trip over the moor to 
our favourite spot TODMORDEN.
I know I am always banging on about it but we just love it.
Especially when we stop for a coffee and cake break at 
The Old Coop Shop after getting our weekend provisions on the market.

Today's choice of cake for me was Ginger & Fudge 
and Mr Dapper Chap chose Lemon, Caraway & Black Pepper.
Absolutely scrumptious.

 PICTURE HOUSE ANTIQUES draws me in like a magnet.  
Look what I found,
this beautiful porcelain basketweave bowl.

As you know I can't walk past a charity shop without calling in and 
I am so glad I did as I found this vintage St. Michael chiffon blouse for £4 in the RSPCA shop.
It is really pretty, the photo doesn't do it justice.

We finished off our day with a walk along the canal.
If you have never been and live in the West Yorkshire area you are missing a treat.

It's just short off an ice cream parlour.  
Well at least I haven't found one yet.

I couldn't stop smiling after I bumped into an old school friend 
who I hadn't seen for 46 years.  She hasn't changed a bit as 
you can tell as we both recognised each other straight away.


  1. Now that really does sound like a happy day. We've spent today in the garden and that makes us smile.....and it's something very much needed just now.

    1. I know just where you are coming from Annie so lets grab each happy moment that we can.
      LYnn xx

  2. Now that makes me feel better that you are a little late. I was on time but still haven't got round everyone. Things just got in the way. Sounds like you had a great day, cake and a lovely blouse what more could you hope for.... well more cake possibly Lol! Have a great weekend and thanks for the visit to mine, Angela xXx

  3. Sounds like a lovely day! Your cake sounds absolutely delicious and that bowl...

  4. Those cakes look really scrummy and I love that porcelain bowl. xxx

  5. I love Tod Market! Love the spice man - well his chocolate, especially the really unusual flavours like the ones with chilli in them.
    Your day sounded wonderful and it is not far away from us either - must remember it when we get a day off.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  6. Ginger and Fudge cake certainly sounds like stopping off at The Old Coop shop for! Todmorden really sounds like my sort of place and I would love to wander round the market and the antique place. Sounds like a great weekend fix. Kate x

  7. Those cakes look mouthwatering and add in charity shops then its a surefire winner! xx

  8. Bumping into an old friend, a chazza bargain and a trip to your favourite place, things don't get much better than that, do they?
    I had that blouse in blue - good old M&S, made to last! xxx

  9. Hi Lynn,

    Your day sounds perfect! Do you have a lot of charity shops there? We have only one in town and it tends to be a little junky, although I have found some great things there.

    The coffee and desserts look fantastic! I can see why you'd stop by.

    Happy belated Smiles


  10. Oh wow, I love the sound of those cakes, such unusual flavour combinations. Your pink blouse looks lovely, but I reckon the only photo that's going to do it justice is one of you wearing it! Old friends really are gold, bet that smile lasted for ages xxx