Saturday, 23 July 2016

TODMORDEN .......Them two can't keep away

Our Saturday trips over the border to the town of Todmorden 
in West Yorkshire are becoming as precious to us now as our 
days at Stockport Vintage Market.
Our first stop is the outside market for fresh bread, fruit and veg 
and the gorgeous savoury and sweet tarts for Saturday tea. 
 Then to the inside market for cooked meats, 
bits and bobs off the haberdashery stall 
and a bunch of flowers if we are feeling flush.

A coffee and cake stop at the Old Co-op Deli & Cafe Bar is a must.  
While we are there we collect more provisions for the rest of the weekend from Todmorden's own
Incredible Edible Community Team
Take a look at their link its a fantastic scheme.

Jules Pottery for sale in the Old Co-op
Naturally we have to go in the Charity shops.  
Today I found this mahoosive brimmed sun hat for £1.49 
in Age Concern UK

Along with this old biscuit tin for 99p.
I said to Mr Dapper Chap, if I don't buy it 
our vintage trader friends Gail and Pat 
will be telling me I should have got it"  

Biscuit anyone ?

A visit to Tod is not complete without popping into 
Picture House Antiques and today I knew I would not be able 
to resist the Burleigh Ware mirror I'd spotted last week.
So even though it needs a bit of renovation work 
it had to come home with us.  
Thank you Tom for letting me have it for a good price.

We were attempting to count the number of stunning hanging baskets 
there are around the town but kept losing track as we were 
oohing and aahing over how beautiful they are.

Sad to say coming home through Bacup and Whitworth
 we didn't see a one. It's a different county and council. 
In fact Tod puts our area to shame.

So that's today's trip out over with and now 
its time to eat some of that lovely food we bought.


  1. What a day out you had. Can see Tod is fast becoming a favourite with you. Do you visit the spice man inside the market? Love his chocolate - naughty but nice.
    Gorgeous mirror and I love the sunhat.
    You need to make a trip to Bury (for the market?) and see the town "in bloom" no shortage of hanging baskets along Silver Street (see the lantern tower on the church) and the roundabouts have some great characters on them. Now why am I telling you about all of these and not photographing them myself?
    Hugs, Neet xx

  2. It seems as if I have to put Todmorden on my list of places to visit if we ever decide to come your way. I wouldn't be able to keep away from such a place either. We usually have lots of hanging baskets in our village, but now that I've come to think of it, I'm not sure they put them out this year. I will have to check tomorrow when I'm on the bus. xxx

  3. I don't blame you, Tod looks and sounds absolutely lovely! xxx

  4. Seems like it was a nice trip! Beautiful mirror and such a cute hat!

  5. I think this is the third time I've been there with you and there's something new to see each and every time. I didn't realise there was a market involved! Well, that's always a reason to go. Fresh veg and nice bread, can't beat it. Wait, is this a Lancashire lass bigging up Yorkshire?! Hee hee!!! Xxx