Monday, 27 June 2016

Sing as you go .......

I love Marvin Gaye's album "What's Going On" and it sure fits the bill this week but so does Rochdale born Grace Fields song "Sing as you go". 
Stockport Vintage Village
I'm sure it was written for my mum as she is always singing.  So am I when I have'nt got laryngitis, which I have this week.  It was weird yesterday when tried to belt it out to a song on the radio. A little squeak came out then a bit of a huff.

"Hallelujah" shouted Philip "thats been the best thing to come out of you having a cough and cold.  A bit of peace and quiet".  I'm sure he doesn't mean it really.

So even though I have got bugs I wrapped up warm in my charity shop find cashmere cardi and stuck my head out the door to have a look at Humpty the scarecrow which young Evie and Jack from next door put together (with Mummy's help) for the local Scarecrow Festival. Isn't he a cracker.

Once back inside I pinned up the start of my patchwork curtains which I'm making from vintage/retro fabrics, hankies and linens.  I think they will look great in our bedroom.

 I'm calling them my Rough & Ready Range. In other words don't look to closely.

 We missed the Vintage Home Show yesterday at Victoria Baths, Manchester because of my coughing and spluttering so I'm looking forward to July's Stockport Vintage Village and seeing all our friends again. 

If you fancy it you can see the link on my blog sidebar


  1. Humpty the scarecrow is priceless. Congrats to you neighbours.
    And get well soon, and sing! xxx

    1. Do you remember the Doodly Bird scarecrow I made a few years ago xx

    2. I certainly do; with his long skinny legs, hehe :D xx


      It's here Mo xx

  2. Your curtains are so charming! Hope you're singing full voice today, and thanks for sharing, xo


  3. Love your rough and ready range curtains...might have a go at that myself! Hope you feel better soon so you can get back to your singing xxx

  4. Oh how lovely to see your little door step in bloom .... But not so nice to think of you being ill. Stay well and healthy my lovely. Regards to all xxxxx from us xxxx

  5. Those curtains are looking fabulous and so's your pretty front door (I'll be seeing it soon!)
    Get well soon and tell that naughty Philip to stop being so cheeky! xxx

  6. Hope your laryngitis got better soon. I haven't got a singing voice at all, so that's how my normal voice would sound ;-) I'm loving your patchwork curtains and your neighbours' scarecrow. xxx

  7. Haha! You're obviously my singing voice twin! Your husband is a cheeky fellow! :) Your curtains look great, I love the range name! Xxx