Friday, 13 May 2016

Stitching in the sunshine ....

I'm still stitching in the sunshine.
Do you like my £2.50 basket from the hospice shop in Grange Over Sands. 
I've stitched two pieces of ribbon across the inside of the lid to store bits and pieces.
My little tranny radio is tuned into Radio Manchester and I've got some company.
Look who has flown in to join me.
I don't think Molly from next door is very impressed.
This is the bag I started that will hold my stationery/letter writing stuff in.
I made the zippy bit to keep pens in.
You can't beat a bit of slow stitching in the peace of the garden.
Now I could keep you guessing as to which window this outlook is from, 
but i won't.
When we are at the curryvan its known as the best seat in the house.
Its the bathroom.  Your don't need to read your paper in there with that view.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you are upto.
We are off to the Opera House, Manchester on Sunday for the Solid Silver 60's show

Linking to Friday Smiles over at Annie's place.


  1. What an amazing post. The kitsch of the flamingo had me laughing, and the view from the loo is stunning.

    I wish I could stitch by hand, but I have NO pinch grip, which means I can't grip a needle. Your slow stitching is awesome though and I certainly admire it. Have a fantastic Friday and great weekend.

  2. Love you sunshine stitching Lynn....bliss. How lovely to have a loo with a view too :-)
    Annie x

  3. Hi Lynn, great post. Good job your bathroom isn't overlooked! great view and the garden looks lovely. It's years since I went to Manchester, used to teach in Wigan. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  4. Hi Lynn, what a happy post. I'm sure you enjoyed sewing in the sun. I usually sit in the shade of a tree and look out at the sun when I cross stitch outside.

    Next doors cat looks very much at home in your pretty garden. What a special view you have from the throne in your caravan! Enjoy the week. Barbxx

  5. That was a great find at the charity shop! Well done!
    Oh you have the most magnificent view from your smallest room.
    I smiled at the sight of the pink flamingo. You certainly can't miss it!
    Have a great time in manchester's Solid Silver Show. I've never been to the Opera House. That initself would be a treat I guess. We have lots of relatives in the Manchester area. My daughter lives in Congleton, my sister in Prestbury, and my BIL in Leigh.
    Happy Friday!,

  6. Great charity shop find! Next door's Molly looks exactly as our Phoebe would if a flamingo turned up in our garden. Love the view from your caravan's bathroom. xxx

  7. Great post, Lynn. I love your sewing basket - a fab find. I've been learning all about the benefits of a bit of slow stitching recently while reviving my embroidery skills. Your curryvan is situated in a beautiful spot is the view from the loo is anything to go by. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx

  8. I love the bag you are making.
    And Molly is quite gorgeous.

  9. What a great sewing box you have there - and for £2.50! Love the idea of the ribbon stretched across the top. Also love the writing case you have made and the pencil case bit is ingenious. I don't know how you think all these things up Lynn.
    Enjoy Sunday!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  10. Loving the slow stitch writing bag, especially the zippy pocket for pens. Have a lovely evening xxx

  11. An incredible view and what gorgeous company, too. Molly is a beauty!
    I've always fancied a garden flamingo.
    The writing bag is absolutely lovely, you clever sew & sew! xxx