Friday, 27 May 2016


My lovely niece Olivia celebrated her 11th birthday this week and I think we can safely say that she likes Henrietta Hippo crotcheted by my friend Helen.

I'm still dithering about joining the 2016 ICAD Challenge.  The task is to create a  piece of art each day on an index card for 60 days or for however many days you want to join in. 
 Its a great task really as you learn new techniques, are given prompts and it opens your mind to different ways of thinking.  
These are warm up exercises before the challenge starts proper on 1st June.
The exercises have already got me using my art stuff which I haven't picked up for sometime.
For this one we had to create circles, so I used an envelope I'd saved because
the retro pattern on the inside was to nice to chuck out.
This task was to create a design using washi tape.
I've used my Jessie Chorley printed sellotape and then hand stitched it to look like a brick wall, dog leads and shoe bows.
You have to make a front cover, so I cut up the photo of me in the dress made from a curtain and used the scraps to create flowers and leaves.

So will I join in or not.
Stay tuned to find out.


  1. Hi Lynn, thanks for the visit to mine. I like watching the geese but I'm glad I don't live too near with all the noise they make. That hippo is brilliant no wonder she loves it so much, who wouldn't! I can understand you being unsure about the challenge, I hate to start things and then find I can't keep it up but you are right it's good to do new things. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  2. How gorgeous is Olivia and her happy smile? Happy Birthday! I love her crochet hippo, what a wonderful gift.
    That challenge sounds right up your street, I love what you've created already! Do it!! xxx
    PS Have a brilliant weekend - loving The Bradshaws, they remind me of The Royal Family! xxx

  3. Yes, such a pretty young lady as Olivia clutching her hippo is worthy of a smile or two (or three or four).
    Join the index card thingy - you know you want to and you have done some great preliminary work it would be a shame not to continue.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  4. Olivia is a lovely-looking girl and how cute is that hippo? If anyone can do this challenge, then it's you, Lynn. Those warm up exercises are wonderful. xxx

  5. What a gorgeous photo of Olivia and the hippo!
    Yes, I'm sure you'll join the challenge. I can tell that you are really really wanting to. So do it!
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Happy birthday Olivia ... I'm so pleased you love your Hippo!

    Go for the challenge Lynn... It will get you thinking and creating X

  7. We had a really long day travelling home from our hols yesterday so I'm just playing catch up with my bloggy friends. I really love the pages you've been working on and I have a feeling you are already hooked and will be joining in the challenge :-)
    Have a great week xxxx
    Annie x

  8. Sunday goodmorning Lynn.
    Wonderful happy creations, here on your blog. I love your cover for the ICAD creations . I sometimes start on challenges, but never seems to finish :((