Sunday, 29 May 2016


I wish I had this outfit that a young Barbara Stanwyck is wearing
I think it is absolutely fabulous.
I would have worn it yesterday when I went into Bacup, a little market town between where I live in Whitworth and my favourite haunt Todmorden.
Now anyone local would laugh and think I was telling porkies 
if I said I was there for four hours.  
I did'nt even have a drink in one of the cafes.
They say the same thing about me being in Todmorden all day.
The thing is I like talking to the traders, so that's why I'm there so long.
I have to admit though four hours in Bacup is going it some and I only went in the card shop, four antiquey type shops, one charity shop and the newsagents.
 I did pick up some treasures and learnt a thing or two on the way.
This tiny enamel rooster teapot is made by Trade Plus Aid started in 1992 by Charlotte Di Vita to establish ethical trading initiatives.  I've never seen them before, apparently they are quite collectable and each one is numbered on the bottom. 
The french buttons were to nice to leave behind, I have the perfect frock to put the blue ones on.
The mustard/yellow ones are Bakelite.

I paid £2 for this leather bound autograph book given to someone called Marjorie (not my mum) by her schoolfriend Gladys. Which is ironic as my auntie is called that.
The names listed are pupils, 12/14 years old at one of the local schools in Rochdale near to me.
Some of them could be the grandparents of kids I went to school with.  I'm going to investigate the names further and ask my mum if she recognises any.  She lived in the area when she was growing up.
The two necklaces I picked up for 50p will be upcycled into new ones. Damn I forgot to show you the two bracelets I got for £1 as well. Never mind it will do another day when I show you what I've done with this old army tin box
Think "garden/rockery".  Philip (the welder husband) said that all the lads he worked with used to use them to keep their tools in as it stopped anybody nicking off with them due to the weight.

Nipping back up the page, the little suitcase was a steal at £8 and is perfect.  It will hold the stash of old trims and laces I have.

I love going in family owned Wishes Galore card shop in Bacup and trying to catch them out by asking for some obscure type of card.  I never do though they've got a card for every occasion including Bacup's Best Grandad haha.

One of the antique shops supplies props for tv programmes like Call The Midwife and the new Dad's Army films.  Things like old tins, cigarette packets, all the grocery goods we would have bought in those times.

Bacup is having a lot of work doing on the buildings after receiving some funding.
Its a real quirky little market town that I hope starts to see more people coming back into it.
Looking at the amount of antique shops opening up, there are seven now, and its monthly antique/vintage market it could be onto a winner.


  1. My favourite items today are the teapot and the autograph book. I will be very interested to hear if your mum recognises any names. Hw funny that it was Marjorie's book, gifted by Gladys! Quite the coinkydink! xxx

  2. I was right!! It is Barbara Stanwyck. I adore her shoes. Love your finds, too.

  3. That suitcase was a steal! It is rare to find one in good shape.

  4. Lovely finds, Lynn. Love the buttons - I can never resist them myself. I think I have some of those teapots, bought in a Glastonbury shop many years ago. When I get home, I'll have a look at the bottom to see if they are indeed numbered. Love the suitcase too. xxx

  5. Wonderful finds, you had a great day, Lynn.
    Love everything in fact ,lol.
    I live on a tiny island in the Baltic Sea (Bornholm) we do not have lots of antique shops, or charity shops, but I too, love visiting them, now and then. Now fleamarkets will soon start, and I will have fun, looking there too.
    Dorthe X

  6. What a haul! I love the buttons, the rooster teapot and that rusty box - wonderful for planting out, I can see lettuces in there!
    I can believe you'd be in Bacup for 4 hours without a cup of tea, I've seen you in action at Stockport! xxx

  7. Love that teapot. Have envy all over my face.
    Now "who would a thowt it?" Bacup! I went to school there. Thorn County Junior School up by the public baths at the bottom of Rochdale Road. I should imagine it is long gone but I really should go back to Bacup and have a look around and see the areas I know. Gosh I did all my courting around Woolworth but that is long gone - crikey Lynne, you are bringing back so many memories. Thanks!
    Hugs, Neet 14 xx

  8. I commented on this ages ago, but blogger plays tricks on me. I absolutely love that red white and blue outfit. Barbara S looks amazing. I'd wear it too. You make me laugh. I don't know Bacup but I'm imagining you gassing to everyone! I really hope you find some connections with the little autograph book xxxx