Monday, 25 April 2016

York Races and not a horse in sight

Over the weekend we visited the two day FESTIVAL OF VINTAGE at York Racecourse where the only horses we saw were clothes horses. 
Suits me as I don't like the four legged variety.
We thought we would walk across the racecourse to the venue 
but then realised that wet grass and suede high heels don't mix.
 What a fabulous event. This is my outfit for the first day.  
The dress has a little jacket with it and cost me £12 a couple of years ago
 and the swing coat is a favourite of mine.
I picked up some fabulous pieces.
This Morley cardigan is part of a twin set, British made. 
The dress doesn't have a label but is a gorgeous pattern in crimplene.
I love the colours.
The dress and jacket is made in France and has the label Tricosa.
I picked it up off Stockport trader Jane Hamilton for £25 
and wore it on the second day.
This PUTINA dress came from Jane as well.
Can't find out much about it but it is like a sari material and is lined.
This happy little number is a Dacron by Dupont and was a tenner.
Once we get some sunny weather I will be wearing it with last years 
Orla Kiely pink and gold buckle retro shoes.
Buying vintage clothes is a winning certainty and the only type of bet 
I will put on as I know they are odds on favourites for a return 
on my money when I want a change of wardrobe.

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Keeping in with the jumpsuit theme, I did manage to find a pic of me last year in this one I got in Bath when visiting my sister. 
 Its not worn very often as I can't do with the hassle of getting 
it off in a hurry haha !

bad hair day

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  1. Some fabulous outfits (and shopping) here, Lynn! thanks so much for linking up, xo


  2. It looks like you had a great time, and some fabulous finds. I love all the outfits, which could easily be in my wardrobe :-) I can understand that swing coat is one of your favourites. Such a lovely colour and texture. xxx

  3. I love all your gorgeous outfits, especially the red and white Tricosa one :-)

  4. How good to you look in that jumpsuit? Only fantastic! I love it (although I do agree, the toilet issues are an absolute pain!
    Fab round-up of outfits. i don't think I've seen you in red before , it looks amazing! xxx