Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Small but beautifully formed

 That was one heck of a busy weekend in Montgomery
to say it is such a small place.
 We stayed in this cottage that is over 200 years old.
Full of old beams, one of which I cracked my head on within the first half hour.
We spent a fabulous hour or more in Bunner's Ironmongers, its like a rabbit warren and the stock is fascinating.  Established in 1892 it is a family run business There are no computers on the counter, although they do have a website, everything is written down and either added up in the head or calculated with paper and pen or with a battered old calculator that was so old they had written the numbers on with masking tape.

We came out £55 lighter but with some great stuff.
Spotted this sign on the wall next door.
 Montgomery is so quaint, like stepping back in time
Lunch was in the lovely Castle Kitchen then we popped into the shop next door just because it looked so quirky from the outside, and look what we found inside.  Who would have thought it.
 This is a knitted blanket made from the wools above.
No charity shops but a visit to Cloverlands Model Car Museum is a must.
Mind your head when you go in though.
A collection of 1500 model cars, with another collection of 280 British cars arriving soon on long term loan from Canada
  • Long description
    The Cloverlands collection was built up over a sixty year period,by a motoring enthusiast and model maker Miss Gillian Rogers.She drove a Singer Le Mans for forty years to racing events in Europe and also attended meetings at Brooklands and Goodwood.She is also a motoring writer and has self published a delightful personal motoring history entitled DRIVING THROUGH THE DECADES.  
    Philip bought a copy, its fascinating.  
  • There is also the Old Bell 16th Century inn which has been converted into a local history museum. www.oldbellmuseum.org.uk.  
  • There are plenty of great walks and a chippy thats open all day till late.
  • I think everybody should visit Montgomery, POWYS at some point, its a great little place.
  • And that's before I've told you about the workshop I went on at Indigo Moon, where I got this beauty. (the cabinet).  I knew we were right to go in the van.
  • Don't forget to visit the castle and then try a pint of Monty's in The Dragon. 
  • Nice food as well.


  1. Phew Lynn & Phil !! What a fabulous, supersonic overview of our lovely Montgomery ;) If anyone wants more detail or see local photos get them to visit our Visitor Website here... www.VisitMontgomery.co.uk

    It was lovely meeting you both..

    David & Anthea Wilson

  2. A lovely post Lynn, i hope the cabinet lives up to it, i'd love to see it in situ xxxx

  3. What a divine cottage you have been staying in. As for bumping your head, we have been staying in a cottage in Wales for a couple of times now, and the bedroom has so many beams you can crack your head on that after a few days you develop a funny walk. Oh, I love having a browse in good old-fashioned ironmongers! Montgomery looks like a place I'd like to visit.

  4. That's a gorgeous cottage! I remember staying in a similar place with those dreaded beams in the Lake District as a child, one of the beams had "Duck not grouse" painted on one of them!
    I'd be in that ironmongers like a shot (and probably fought you for that amazing cabinet, too!) xxx