Friday, 8 April 2016

A poke and a prod ...

I spent the day with the craft group yesterday
where I had arranged for Sharon of 
Kit £7.99
to do a demonstration and workshop on rag rugging
It was really successful, everyone enjoyed it.
This is mine which will be a pretty hessian cushion
when its finished.
The back is as nice as the front I think.
You can see i've added machine stitching and buttons to it.
I've yet to see what the others do with their creations.

For those of you who are still trying to guess what this is, all will be revealed on Wednesday when the nosey lot who look around everyones desks are back.

Here's a final clue
In "time" gone by it was used by tradesmen, it may still be used by some.
The middle slidy bit is upside down as I am using it to hang things from.
It's not a boot remover or for stretching things. 
It's not a jar opener or something you would find in a shed. 
So for the final "time" have you any ideas what it is ?
hee hee


  1. Rag rugging - now there's a craft I haven't tried. It looks quite satisfying with all that prodding and pulling. Your cushion looks great; I love the flower details. As for the mystery item - is it a portable clothes hook? xx

  2. Your cushions are just fabulous! Is that contraption something that was used for drying something?!

  3. That's a freaky coincidence, I bookmarked a page in a craft for making a rag rug last week! Yours is looking fab.
    See you on Sunday! xxx

  4. I've always fancied having a go at rag day maybe? I have very happy memories of the rag rugs made by the mum of one of my school friends. They were so colourful and they had them all through their house. 😀 As for your mystery object....I've looked at it from every angle and really have drawn a blank.....can't wait for the big reveal.
    Annie x

  5. Got to be quick today as I am off out. Love the rag rug. I know a lady who makes and sells those and she can't make enough of them, gorgeous! Better go, have a great weekend with lots of smiles,
    Angela x

  6. Gosh Lynn, it is years since I did a rag rug, yours looks fabulous! xx

  7. I LOVE making rag rugs. I often make them to use as bathroom rugs as I can never get one the right size, and why have one that anyone can buy? I usually use my scraps from quilting so they are nice and soft and when I stand on the rug I can see all my creations in there.
    Happy Friday.

  8. So you are a "progger" now!!! Love those rugs and I used to make them when I was little to go on the stone floors at home.
    Dying to know the purpose of that contraption. My guess is that it is for straining jams. The bowl goes on the base arms and the muslin on the adjustable hook.
    Jo x

  9. Oh you hessian cushion cover will be fab! Those rag rugs look great. I have seen them before but never tried doing it.
    And your mystery item? I still have no idea. I would say it is used for clamping something so that it doesn't move. Used by a shoe maker or carpenter?
    Put us out of our misery, please.
    Have a good week, and thanks for visiting mine,

  10. I've never done rag rugging, looks interesting! I have no idea what that thing on the last photo can be...seems I am not good at guessing hehe :)

  11. I've always been fascinated by rag rugs - very pretty x

  12. That wooden thingy is starting to appear in my dreams, but I still haven't got a clue. Would love to see the finished cushion. XXX

  13. I love rag rugs but have never tried making one. What a great workshop to go to. I am still drawing a blank on your mystery object. Kate x

  14. No clue on the tool, but the prodded rug is a winner. Do you glue the back so it doesn't come out? xox

    1. No you don't glue it Corrine, both ends of the strip are pulled through x

  15. How pretty your rag rug cushion is.
    Must make sure I come back Wednesday for the answer because I'm stumped.
    Have a great week!

  16. Rag rugging looks like fun. Of course you haven't just made a basic rag rug, you've made something really pretty. Tell us Lynn, tell us!?! Xxx