Monday, 15 February 2016


I went to Stockport Vintage Village with my arty/crafty goggles on this month as opposed to vintage wardrobe ones and look what I came home with
A nifty little case to use as a display unit. I am going to be putting another shelf in it like the little box crate peeping out at the bottom.  
I picked up the cluster pearl buttons, bakerlite pin box, threads, mats and this collar box as well as lots of quality cotton hankies at an amazing 50p each. Yes I do use them. No tissues for this girl.
The cut glass bowl is MASSIVE and is a perfect craft container
AND only cost £3.
I've got some ideas for the tins bought from 
Pat & Matthew of A Vintage Affair. You can find more about them on their Facebook page A VINTAGE AFFAIR
 The ideas are still in the research and development stage yet.
The fabulous retro hankies came from the lovely Gail of Essentially Eagle. 
She knew I used them and saved them for me.
Here's Gail's Facebook page ESSENTIALLY EAGLE VINTAGE
Aren't they gorgeous.  I'll be matching them up with my outfits haha.
Look what I did with these beauties, again from 
Pat & Matthew of A Vintage Affair. 
All this for less than the cost of a Valentine's meal out and much more fun.
Better give these two dapper chaps a mention.
Don't they look fabulous. Pity you can't see the wool patchwork waistcoat Philip is wearing, its stunning. 
Alan of 20th Century Stores sells the best mens clobber

We didn't even make it to The Vintage Emporium at Pear Mill this time as we were having such a lovely day chatting to every at Vintage Village.
It's a great day out.  
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  1. Didn't you do well and from two of my favourite VV sellers, too!
    Al & Phil look fantastic. xxx

  2. The guys look fantastic in their clobber... And so proud!

    And well done you on your little finds too x

  3. Such super finds and I love the idea of the display case. Is the vintage village open all the time or only as one off days. My daughter is coming to visit from Brighton and she would love it but she goes home next Saturday.
    Two smarty dudes there too!
    Jo x

    1. VV isn't open Jo but the Vintage Emporium at Pear Mill is open every day and you can get coffe n cake there . It's five minutes drive from Stockport centre
      Lynn x

  4. What a haul! The little suitcase is perfect. I like the collar boxes, too. I have two of them. Well done.

  5. Love the bowl and the threads and the pinbox. In fact everything! Perhaps we'll get a glimpse of Philip's waistcoat next time.

  6. Loving it all. I had to stop going to fairs like this as I can't resist buying stuff and soon I will need expanding walls Lol! Thanks for the visit to mine Lynn and understand that skiing is not everyone's idea of fun which is just as well or the slopes would be even more crowded Lol! Happy crafty week, Angela x

  7. What a great haul - still haven't managed to get to the Vintage Village -or the Vintage Emporium -even though my son tells me how much I would love the mill-and we are nearer to Stockport now too! Maybe when I get out and about again! Chrisx

  8. Wow, youve picked up some beautiful things. I've never visited there but i need to now x

  9. Beautiful finds Lynn - I envy you those hankies ;) Looking forward to seeing what you do with the tins xox

  10. Handsome chaps indeed, and didn't you do well at the market? Great finds, you can't go wrong with vintage tins and cases! xxx