Friday, 22 January 2016


If you follow me you will know that I have been organising and clearing
my workroom(s) since the beginning of January.
Well part of today's job was sorting out my lace drawers.
As usual I got sidetracked and started faffing around with bits of fabric that I could not bring myself to throw out, so I made a new mood board. Its my intention to redo my wall of mood boards once all the sorting has been done. I'll show you the wall another time.
By 3.30pm I'd had enough of my duties so decided to have a little play.
I'm going to add some more stitching to it later as I'm not quite happy with it.
Hubby Philip says there's a lot of singing and dancing about going on, no wonder its taking you so long. Add the faffing about to that and he is probably right.
Still tomorrow is another day.
Have a great weekend everyone.
(pantomine with four of the godchildren tomorrow)


  1. Good morning Lynn....I have to be honest and say the parachute was made of silk so could be kept in quite a small place but I had so much fun filling my sewing room with it cos it was huge.....but finding three small holes in it....well that's another story ;-)
    I would love to rummage through your lacy drawers ;-) You have soooooo much yumminess there. Love your little creation and hope you share it when the sewing is done too.
    Annie x

  2. Ha Ha! I LOVE the faffing about bit! That so totally sums me up to :)
    Loving all that gorgeous lace by the way.
    Happy faffing...
    Tilly x

  3. I am trying to do what you are doing but I bet I have 10 times the stash to sort. All the boxes are out of the cupboards in my sewing room and the floor is covered with STUFF. Trouble is it is hard to throw anything out. As I was a WW2 baby, I grew up on rationing so I see a use in anything and everything.
    Jo x
    look forward to seeing your idea transform into a treasure. The lace looks gorgeous in all it's little FOLDED bundles..... one day maybe mine will look like that... hey ho!

    1. Only one room Jo ?
      I can beat that. Three rooms and a garage haha

  4. Happy Friday Lynn, I can relate to your faffing... sometimes when my mojo is low it is the best way to start something - by tidying up and discovering some things/ideas just fall into place. Gorgeous samples on show...enjoy your weekend Robyn

  5. Faffing around, I know all about that. Faffing is what I'm good at! But it's the fun part of tidying. Your bits and bobs are so beautiful!
    Thanks for visiting earlier, have a good week and keep smiling!

  6. You are so lucky to own so many beautiful lace trimmings and you are doing well with your sort out. I seem to be getting nowhere with my art room. I plan on doing some more today. Wish me luck.

  7. Wow you have alot of lace, very pretty though x

  8. Oh forgot to say. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  9. Think we would all love to rummage through those drawers! x Jo

  10. I am with Twiglet....I want to rummage through your drawers!!
    I have exactly the same problem with trying to sort stuff, though I did throw away.....yes....throw away, a whole pile of snippets that have not seen the light of day for years!! I did limit myself to keep a small handful of ones I know I will use but I have gone from two deep drawers and one box file to a small pile in one deep drawer!! Took me a while!!
    Think Dory!!!
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Love the sentiment that really made me smile. I understand the sorting bit too and have some more to do when I get home. Happy Friday, Angela x

  12. I'm still doing similar to you...... got my storage area downstairs done and am working on my hobby room... the desk is done and everything moved off, dusted, washed the desk and put back for that curio... with all the dolls and bears and stuff in it.... everything has to come out, be dusted and it needs washing inside and then.... all goes back into it. Whew.... this weekend and part of next week...... should see it done. But, like you ....I keep getting sidetracked....

  13. Oh what gorgeous fabrics, I love how you got side tracked - sounds like my kind of crafting. Sorting storage is always a pain but i'm always amazed at what I find when I sort! thank you for joining in Rocking your World Friday and never apologise for being 'late' no time constraints join in when you can!