Monday, 30 November 2015

SIXTY rolling on SIXTY ONE

 I have ended my 60th birthday year with one final trip down to London
where we saw Dusty at the delightful Charring Cross Theatre. The show was very moving with some great holograms of Dusty.  You really felt she was in the room with you.
We also caught The Mousetrap at the equally charming Adelphi Theatre.
We thought it was appropriate that we went this year as it has been running for 60 years.  I can't of course tell you the ending as it would spoil it and we were instructed not to tell anyone.  All I say is its well worth seeing.
Mr Dapper Chap picked up this fantastic overcoat, scarf and hat
on our visits to Portobello/Notting Hill and Brick Lane.
Good job we went down with virtually empty suitcases as they were full when we came back.
What I love is that our total spend is less than a lot of people will spend on one frock
Beyond Retro on Cheshire Street off Brick Lane is one of our favourite shops
I picked up this gorgeous glittery frock for £23.  It was handmade in Toronto, Canada. I wonder how it ended up here
Here's some of my other clobber
I had a good giggle when I spotted my face on page 12 of the latest copy of Vintage Life
Loved this giant mistletoe in Covent Garden
and the tree
Well thats the birthday celebrations over, or is it ???
I'm sure I can fit a few more treats in before I am 61.


  1. Squeeze in as many treats as you can, Lynn, that's what I reckon! Sounds like you had a great trip to London - can't beat a bit of Dusty and vintage shopping. I went to Brick Lane a few years back, fully expecting not to be able to afford London prices, but things didn't seem much more expensive than here. You both found some fab things - love that frock, the Mister's coat, and the bright colours on your skirt.
    Will you still talk to us, now you're famous?! xxx!

    1. Hee hee I've a long way to go to beat Vix for being famous Curtise.
      Between us though it might get us to the front of the queue xxx

  2. You have celebrated in style, there is no doubt about that! I would love to see you in that frock, it's so pretty! Is it for a special occasion? I showed the tree photo to Wee Man, as we went to Covent Garden in the summer so it was nice for him to remember :D xoxo

    1. No the frocks not for anything special Mo, I just loved it. I might even wear it just to dance around the house lol xxx

  3. The birthday celebrations should continue all year round if you ask me!
    What a fab weekend, I love both of your purchases especially that groovy green and orange skirt and Mr Dapper's coat.
    We're taking over Vintage Life magazine! xxx

  4. You do know how to celebrate Lynn! And you always look stylish with your fantastic buys! Xxx