Sunday, 4 October 2015

Vintage Habit hits Manchester

 Yesterday I caught these two dapper chaps (Harry & Duncan) 
admiring Philip's red suede shoes.
Turned out they were local to us in Rossendale.  We chatted about the interest we all have in vintage clothes and Duncan (without the hat) told us everything he had on was from the charity shops.
 Doesn't Harry look smart and what a nice man. 
 Philip looks quite good to in his red jumper and dicky bow.
 It was our first time at a Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair and it was mega busy with young and old snapping up fabulous one off pieces like my raspberry day dress. Couldn't wait to try it on with my maroon leather boots and tights.  
It was a bargain £10 from trader Beyond Boheme.
My luck was really in when I came across this Welsh Wool tapestry suit 
for £25 from trader Jane Hamilton along with this 
beautiful lined English made dress
The traders work so hard sourcing their stock, preparing it for sale and travelling around the country to the different fairs.  Many of them are attending another today and had to go back home restock their vans then travel onto another part of the country early morning to set up again. Two girls we see often are from Birmingham and are in Bethnal Green, London today.  I don't know how they do it. 
This little number came from Cow Vintage (£16) on Oldham Street, Manchester. Again it was packed with young people looking for recycled pieces.  No Primark stuff for these kids.
These are from the Oxfam Vintage shop on Oldham Street
Hat £4  Scarf £1

Vintage traders and buyers are a happy bunch of people and its a great day out.
Thrown into the mix is also the pop up tearooms at these events that serve gorgeous homemade cakes.
If that isn't enough for you there is always fantastic music playing and at some events you are entertained with fabulous dance troupes and a look round the vintage cars and bikes.



  1. Three super dapper chaps there, Lynn!
    Love all your finds especially that orange dress. Cow is brilliant, their 1980s and 1990s stuff is expensive but their older clothes are absolute bargains. xxx

  2. Fab finds, that suit is amazing! I agree, vintage fairs are usually very happy places, and the traders are friendly - so much nicer than shopping on the high street. Although I'd like a look at Oxfam Originals in Manchester, I'll have to make a trip across the Pennines! xxx