Sunday, 25 October 2015

Time for flat caps and cake

Dear reader

Today I am addressing the issue of what cap to wear and as Mr Dapper Chap has had to go out to work and can not advise me the only way to see if I looked okay was to take a selfie
 No point in staying in mooching round the house, waiting for the other half to get back, when there is a Vintage Home Show to go to. 
Hence the need for a hat.
So off me and Frida, my cyber green VW Beetle tootalled to the splendid Victoria Baths at Hathersage Road, Manchester where I met up with my vintage trader friends for a good chat and a look round.
It was fantastically busy and it was great to see the young people buying vintage/retro furniture and furnishings. It would be brilliant to see their homes or rooms and how they style them up. 
No ikea furniture for these kids, they are to individual for that.

 I picked up this fabulous writing desk/artist travel case 
from the lovely Gemma of Gem's Bits N Bobs who also trades at Vintage Village Stockport
As you can see I've used it for my stash of greetings cards.
It may find another purpose as time goes on, like holding my notebooks, stationery, diary etc., we'll see.
The cards are made by talented friend Ruth Zanoni
A day out would not feel right without stopping off for a bit of lunch, 
even if I am on my own.
Better save some for Mr Dapper Chap when he gets home from work.


  1. What a fun post Lynn! You look lovely in your cap. you always are a bonny lass.
    That case you found is AWEsome! What luck to find such a thing. A perfect top to lean on and plenty of room inside for your cards and pen. Hope Philip enjoyed his treat after tea. {{Hugs}} xxx

    1. I've never seen a case like that before. When id bought it people were stoping me and asking about it. Xxx

  2. Looks like you had a great day. Love the case, will hold lots of treasures. Very jealous! X

  3. That's a perfect day. You look lovely, and the writing case is a real find. xxxx

    1. Thank you Colette and yes it was. You'd love it xxx

  4. You look beautiful! I'm more than happy to take myself off for the day and do lunch, too although I'd have joined you like a shot if I could!
    Love Ruth Zanoni's work and that gorgeous wicker case. xxx

    1. The four of us will have to get together at some point, it would be great fun.
      The wicker case now has crafting stuff in it now xxx

  5. I like the look of the little cards with the FMS ... must try making it actually stay on a line or two some day... I've only done the "with-rather-wild-abandon" stuff for Karen's classes. ... zigging and zagging all over the place. Have you done Doodly Birds like this? ... probably .... as you've done all sorts.....

  6. I'll get there one day! You always pick up lovely things xxx