Saturday, 31 October 2015

Strolling Just Strolling

Do you remember the tune 
Strolling just strolling,  
In the cool of the evening air, 
I don't envy the rich in their automobiles, 
 For a motor car is phoney.
I'd rather have Shanks's pony, 
When I'm strolling, just strolling, 
With the light of the moon above, 
Every night I go out strolling,  
And I know my luck is rolling, 
When I'm strolling with the one I love. 
Flanagan and Allen sang it, then me as I strolled through
 Healey Dell with Mr Dapper Chap after having a late lunch in the tea rooms.
Back home just before it got to dark to see our hands in front of our faces.
 Hmm, must be a song in there somewhere.

 Here's a two for one outfit I put together, sticking with the 
autumn/halloween colours. 
It's my Seaforth vintage blouse and  St. Michaels polyester frock


  1. Sounds like you've had a very lovely day {{Hugs}} xoxox

    1. Nice walk and lovely chicken sandwich and gingerbread latte in Healey Dell Tearoom. Did we go when you visited ? I've got OLB don't tell Logan lol xxx

    2. No we didn't go there Lynn. He's out, so your secret is safe with me, lol.
      I envy you your gingerbread latte! I've only found it in Inverness M&S cafe, so it's not a frequent treat regrettably. Have plans to go next Saturday tho' ;)
      Enjoy your Sunday xxx

  2. The simple pleasures of life, oooh!
    You've given me a taste of our our trip to the Lake District... off in the morning!
    Meeting up with Chris (pearshapedcrafter) too for a trip to Fairfield Mill.
    Jo x

    1. Farfield Mill is a great place, have a great time both of you xx

  3. It's lovely to see you guys enjoying these temperate evenings.. Richard and I are doing the same ... Quite romantic xx

  4. I bet it is nearly 20 years since we went to Healy Dell! We must meet at the tea room one day Lynn! Xxx

  5. This is another for our list of places to visit (not too far from the Craft Range at Burnley too! ) I see which little bird told you. ..we went at around this time last year too -there's a good exhibition on at the moment! Hope you and I will meet up one day! Sorry to have been such a poor visitor lately! Chrisx

    1. Don't forget to call and see me Chris when you visit Healey Dell xx

  6. I don't know the song but I love the glimpse of his and hers shoes and your marvellously Autumnal outfit!!
    We'll miss you both on Sunday. We'll be back in December, all being well! xxx

    1. It's an old song Vix, one of them that whirls round your brain once you start singing it haha xxx