Tuesday, 18 August 2015

You are only 60 once

If I was to tell you about my 60th birthday we would still be here when I'm 61.  It has been marvellous.  With surprise outings with friends, afternoon teas, family party, an evening on a steam train and on and on it goes 
( even with a bad back). 
There have been so many cards, outings, presents and flowers I've been totally overwhelmed.

Fantastic handmade gifts
I have such talented friends 

I've got some lovely gifts for the house and garden
Some books
 A vintage blouse

Thoughtful presents from nieces and godchildren and friends.

Posh bubbly, scarves, perfume & bags
And baskets 
A basket full of vintage haberdashery.
Even some cheeky presents
A great night out on the East Lancs Steam Railway.
 Watch out for our faces in the new brochure.
I did wonder how I would cap my 50th but I think I've managed it thanks to fabulous friends and family. Now what to do with the money I received ???
ps. sorry the picture quality is not great. 
I promise it wasnt the pink champagne that caused it


  1. You a shinning star at 60 and far beyond... Many happy healthy returns xxxxx

    1. Thank you Helen and my love to you and Mo for playing such a big part in the celebrations even if it was earlier in the year. It still counts you know xxx

  2. Oh Lynn, that inflatable walking stick and zimmer is absolutely hilarious!! I cracked up laughing and I'm still giggling. :D :D Classic! Whoever gave you them is my hero. The photo should be framed and put on your studio wall - for fun; to remind you always to have fun; not that I think you will EVER need reminded to do that! :D
    Excellent photo's Lynn, I am so very happy that you had such a smashing birthday and run up to it :D
    Do you have any more plans to celebrate, or is the important time for you, the time before the actual day?
    Such an enjoyable blog post {{Hugs galore}} xxx

    1. It goes on for every Mo. I've had afternoon tea today with a friend from college days and tomorrow I am being treated by Susan and Ruth to lunch. I've still got at least two more meals out after that heehee xx

    2. That's wonderful Lynn. How lucky you are to have so many friends both near and far xxx

    3. Well Alex is soon to be moving on in the world to bigger and better pastures and I need to catch up with some serious socialising and frolicking .. with or without an excuse of birthdays so look out girls I just might be booking into a travel lodge near you soon ... be it Rochdale or Inverness.... Ill not say xxxxxx Im blessed to have you both as mates xxxxxx

    4. We need to know more Mrs W. You can't leave us hanging in the balance like that lol.
      We do hope that Alex gets settled and is happy on his next adventure xx

  3. Happy birthday! Nice to hear that you enjoyed the celebrations so much. So many wonderful and touching gifts!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! What an amazing array of gifts and the inflatable walking frame is hilarious. Dinner on a steam train sounds utterly fantastic and you are a brilliant advert for looking fabulous at 60 - L'Oreal should snap you up! xxx

  5. Well deserved treasures I'd say! Xxx