Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A Vintage Habit

Just my style
 For the lovely people who have been asking about my thing for vintage clothing and don't follow my facebook page "A Vintage Habit"
here are some photo's of some of my charity shop/vintage market finds
A 1950/60's crimplene day dress I paid around £10 for.
Crimplene Michael Howard dress and coat bought for £18 at Stockport Vintage Market
Welsh Wool Tapestry pinafore. Again Stockport Vintage Village Market
with matching coat, bag and purse via some lovely people on Ebay who are now firm friends.  Hi Ros and Phil.
Fulton Jacket £15, nylon blouse £3 and the skirt from this two piece
and the best bit...... they are all designed and made in England.
Apart from the Welsh wool of course.

If you are in the Stockport area be sure to go and visit
The Vintage Emporium at Pear Mill


  1. I love all these vintage pieces, Lynn, they are just so stylish and I can tell they are fine quality. Why on earth would you shop on the high street when you can find treasures like these at cheap prices, and build friendships with sellers to boot? You don't get that extra service at Primark, do you?!
    I can see you love shades of brown, and you've opened my eyes to how smart and groovy it can look - the print on the Crimplene dress is fantastic. xxx

    1. The crimplene dress is one of my favourites

    2. I've got lots of other colours Curtise. I'll do some colour theme blog posts and show you xxx

  2. You are gaining quite a fabulous collection Lynn and you are a supremo bargain hunter my friend :o) xxx

  3. What a fantastic collection. Why on earth would anyone want to buy off the boring high street when there's so much more fun to be had rummaging around charity shops and vintage fairs, finding treasure and making friends! xxx

    1. I know and it's even better when the hubby loves it as well xxx

  4. I really like the fact that they look like natural materials, sometimes it feels like everything patterned in vintage shops is made of polyester but your clothes look lovely!

  5. You do have an eye for a bargain Lynn. All these are very stylish.