Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Baskets, bags and coats.... or a carrier bag

When you can get a lovely basket like this from the charity shop, why on earth would you use an unsightly plastic carrier bag.  My box bag was a bargain £8 from the Vintage Fair at Haigh Hall, Wigan on Sunday. Well spotted Philip and thank you for finding this fabulous waistcoat for £4 at The Vintage Emporium, Pear Mill, Stockport.
A woman can never have enough winter coats. 
Well not at an average price of £20 per coat and all English made.

I have yet to wear this fantastic trouser suit bought on Sunday, 
again from The Vintage Emporium at Stockport.
This dress and jacket looked so nice I kept it on. 
£25 from Haigh Hall, Vintage Fair, Wigan.
Can't leave Philip out he got his English made shoes for £25
from Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique, owned by the lovely Vix & Jon, 
at Stockport Vintage Market.
The coat came from Victoria Baths, Vintage Fashion Event last year.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Mo, we are addicted to our Vintage days out now. You won't get us doing high street shopping haha xx

  2. You've got some fabulous pieces there, Lynn! Gorgeous heathery tones and top quality. Why on earth would anyone want to buy new when there's so much gorgeous, well-made vintage to be had for a fraction of the price? Show us that trouser suit, I think I'm in love!
    Well spotted, Philip! xxx