Friday, 2 January 2015

Books a go go

I sat pondering what I was going to do with the lovely new notebooks I received for Christmas.
My brain is in creative overdrive at the moment and I came up with idea of creating my own library of books.

Then I thought about where I would put them all.  So I've decided to ditch all the books I've read and reread and use the slender antique pine bookcase that's in my bedroom.  Happily I will be able to dig out my design and sketchbooks and journals from my college days that I stored away and add them to it.

Yes but what about location, it's got to be somewhere I can see it and be to hand.  I would also like visitors to my studio and workshops to be able to freely look through them so I will be moving the furniture around a bit to find the right spot.

Each book on the shelves will be one that I've written in, sketched in or filled with info.

Here's a little sample of what to expect.

My book of words......... In this book I will be recording words that intrigue me, make me laugh, draw emotion or I just like the look or sound of them.
I'll record where I heard or saw it, what it means and any facts I can find.
Here's a sample - "WONKY" - isn't it a funny word, it looks funny, it sounds funny. I saw someone use it as a description of a piece of their artwork.  It's from the 1920's and its a variant of a naughty word that I won't mention here hee hee.  We use it as a slang word, like in a wonky stool, wonky knees, wonky nose....

You might see some more words popping up in blog posts from my Book Of Words.


  1. Tut...I already commented and blimin blogger ate it! Grr
    I love the idea of your library Lynn. Those books are gorgeous, your friends and visitors will have a fine treat looking thru them, and your college ones.
    I think I'll go look up 'wonky' hehe. Xx

    1. Look up piddled and its origins Mo x

    2. Isn't the english language bizarre!? Some of the definitions are amusing and some should be down right banned! Lol x

  2. When looking at people's work I often enjoy seeing people's sketchbooks as much as seeing the finished pieces. Getting to see the origins of a project and to see a journey as it developed and evolved is always fascinating to me. It'll be lovely for your studio guests to get a glimpse into that process :)

    Happy New Year, hope 2015 is a wonderfully creative one!

    Amy xx