Thursday, 11 December 2014

Happy Days.......

I spent three hours at a friend's house making this Christmas wreath for my front door. It was well worth the effort but I was more tired after that than I am when I run a full day craft workshop of my own.  It was definitely a challenge.

Now remember in September we went to London to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary ?  Well we paid £25 for these silver cake forks and cheese knife from a lady in Covent Garden market.  We thought it was a good sign - silver - 25.
The only thing is we lost them when we got home along with these little glass and brass frames
Now you creative types will know what I'm talking about.......where did I find them, three months later ?
Well where else but my ribbon basket on the bottom shelf of the bookcase in my craft room when I was looking for something to attach my Christmas wreath to the door.   Happy days !!!


  1. I love your blog header - such a pretty cup and saucer! That's a beautiful wreath you made - it looks gorgeous on your beautiful door. So glad I'm not the only one who mislays things and finds them in the last place you'd think of looking! They are lovely - I would love to eat cake with one of those sweet little forks and I also love the little frames.

  2. That really made me smile, I am always losing things and finding them where I would least expect too... At least you did find them! Your wreath is stunning, it was certainly worth all the effort you put in to make it. Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Your wreath is beautiful, Lynn, and I'm so pleased you found your treasures again ... of course they would be in your ribbon basket, where else :) Elizabeth xx

  4. Like this wreath Lynn.Oh dear..losing things, then finding things.Darn maddening isn't it? Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, and letting some of the Christmas Season absorb you.have a happy weekend Lynn.
    Judy x

  5. Your Christmas Garland is stunning. I had to laugh about the cutlery.... that's typical of me! At least you found them, eventually. I am still stuck on a few items from years ago.
    Jo x

  6. Well, your wreath is absolutely beautiful!! Well done. :)