Monday, 3 March 2014

My life in pictures ......

I saw the RANDOM FIVE challenge in Claire's blog and thought I would join in.
Five pictures related to my life over the last week.

1.  My table of fabric is ready for our workshop on Saturday
2.  Some new fabrics I got from patchwork chicks at Barrowford
3.  My beautiful cheeky goddaughter Blossom in the park on Sunday
4.  I sent a bit of snail mail to a Facebook friend.  Hope she likes it.
5.  My pencil crayons out in my desk ready for the Quotes & Lyrics challenge


  1. You are ready to color your world, Lynn! I always appreciate snail mail from a friend.

  2. How lovely to see you here! It's fun, isn't it??? I just love your goddaughter's name - gorgeous!
    A really great Random 5 and have a happy Friday, lovely lady :) x

  3. Hope you have a lovely day with your ladies tomorrow. The fabrics look gorgeous. X

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  5. Beautiful colour-filled images Lynn :D
    Have a wonderful day with your friends tomorrow *hugs* Mo xx

  6. Just what I needed to brighten up my day, thank you Lynn. Hope you have a lovely day with your friends. Big hugs, Anne xx

  7. So happy you were able to participate in R5F this week Lynn -- your post is making me feel the need to create this weekend!

  8. Welcome to Random 5 Friday! Wondering about the collage at the top of you blog. Love it. How was it created?

    1. It's a wall in my studio Diane that I filled with images that I like and inspire me. Glad you like it. Thanks for popping over

  9. Hi Lynn, there's a Silent Sunday button on my sidebar, but it's a tad confusing, as it's not the same link every week... I have to keep clicking on her site until I find the right one for the current week x

  10. I'm definitely hankering after your fabrics Lynn - you have some beautiful prints there, and I have the desire to make a red and white heart for next Christmas, so I might be 'borrowing' your idea if you don't mind! Thanks for popping over earlier, sorry to hear you are having physio - hope you are soon mended - my back is getting better thankfully, and I never thought I'd be so glad to be able to do housework again!