Monday, 29 July 2013

Ladies In Lavender & the Eiffel Tower......

The Sunnybank craft group led by Susan made LAVENDER SATCHETS today.
 Using a plain envelope, a butterfly stamp and gel pens members coloured in the butterfly.
Here's Lily making a satchet for her friend
Mrs Shaw helping with Harold's satchet
Next up we pricked holes in the envelopes and put in a couple of tablespoons of lavender before sealing them on the back.  We added a bit of sellotape to make it more secure.
Harold did one for his lady friend Peggy who lives in Blackpool. We all laughed as the little animal stickers he put on said "Take me home" and "Cuddle me".  Wonder what Peggy will think of that.  Harold is in his 80's.
Pat, one of the care assistants, helped Mona make hers so I quickly made one for her with a Doodly Bird on.
 Photo of Paris Skip the Line: Eiffel Tower Tickets and Small-Group Tour Looking up at the Eiffel Tower
Along with Susan's factoids on SUMMER it was another great session.  Im not sure that I believe the one she told us about the Eiffel Tower being taller in Summer than in Winter.  I will leave that one with you.


  1. The lavender sachets are lovely, what a great idea. It will be interesting to hear Susan's factoid about the Eiffel Tower tomorrow..... Hugs, Anne x

  2. This is a brilliant idea and it touched my heart! :)