Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spring is in the air at Sunnybank

We were a bit behind with our projects at Sunnybank Craft Club but nobody seemed to mind.
These delightful little balsa wood flowers which have their own stand were transformed into the first signs of spring along with these wooden eggs.
Susan notorious for her factoids came up with some pearls today and I still dont know which ones to believe.

1.    Did you know that baby birds learn how to sing. They have to learn from  their own species. They learn  the songs between 10 and 60 days of age and begin to sing them the following Spring.
2.    Hot Cross Buns are said to be magic and to protect against fire, shipwrecks, rats & general misfortune.
3.    People in Bosnia meet on the 1st day of Spring and celebrate the festival of the Scrambled Egg.
4.    In Zurich they have a festival where they set a snowman alight and people gallop round it on horses.
5.    In Turkey they jump over bonfires.
6.    Spring fever is a real syndrome.  When the temperature in the weather rises our blood dilates and we become more energised.

Now I am leaving it with you dear reader as to which of Susan's facts you believe and which you don't.
Mrs Shaw wearing the brooch she made at another of our sessions

Pat and Lily wearing the brooches they made


  1. I believe all of Susan's factoids. She wouldn't deceive us now would she? ;)
    The tulips are so pretty and the eggs lovely and colour-filled. Perfect Spring loveliness; as are the dear brooch models :0) Mo xx