Saturday, 2 March 2013

Capture the moment in a jar

I spotted this idea the other day.  Its like a diary in a jar.
Get a jam jar with a lid, decorate the top of the lid
Put a piece of matching fabric in the bottom of the jar.
Make a label for the front and hey presto its done.

When you experience a nice moment in your day write it down and pop it in your jar.  Lets hope for a full jar by the end of the year and won't it be nice to look back on them.

I was fortunate that a friend gave me a tiny page a day calender that I can tear off each day, write on the back of it and pop it in my jar.  But you could use a piece of paper.  Dont forget to write the date on.
Now my other jar project is one I have joined with Tag Tuesday leader Carolyn Saxby  It is run on Flickr and is called One Word Wednesday Jar Project.  If you like photography you might like this. Each week we look at what images we can come up with using a glass vessel and add one word to describe it. This one is mine for this week.  Here's a link for what I have done so far. My Jar Project
 To see what others have come up with look here
One Word Wednesday Jar Project 


  1. What a lovely idea Lynn. Your jar lid is gorgeous! :0) Mo xx

  2. Lynn,
    Not only is the lid pretty-holding on to the nice things in life are what makes the world a better place!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this idea Lynn and how lovely to go back next year and have a look, hope you fill it with lots of lovely things. Hugs, Anne x

    1. One thing is sure to be about spending a day with my crafty friends on 20th March xx

  4. great jar ideas!! Love the daily happiness one!