Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas is in Autumn

Well it was at Sunnybank Day Centre's Craft Club yesterday.

Members made these felt Christmas trees
93 year old Lily was struggling with the sewing so we cheated and glued her beads and buttons on.

Susan's own felt decorations

 After a cuppa we all sat back and listened to what factoids Susan had come up with this time.
They are never what you expect.  So, no they were'nt about Christmas.  She said that we had jumped a season by doing the felt trees and so after reading out some poetry by Keats we were expected to know that she would be talking about AUTUMN.

Now unfortunately Pauline made off with the sheet of facts so I can't let you in on the pearls of wisdom thrown at us, but suffice it to say they were as usual funny and informative.
One snippet I remember was that on the first day of autumn and the first day of spring if you stand an egg on its bottom it will not fall over.  It only works on those particular days appparently. So get that in your diary to try out.

Susan did tell us about going to see New England in the Fall and only seeing one tree and that was on a car park. Apparently they had got there to early.


  1. I love those decorations - what a fab idea for your group.

  2. The decorations turned out beautifully, and I cannot even tell which one is Lily's. Have also been to New England before the Autumn leaves started to fall, it was very disppointing not to see the leaves but New England is so pretty. Did not know that about eggs, how fascinating! Hugs, Anne x