Monday, 29 October 2012

What a load of baubles......

After being inspired by a Christmas Bauble my friend Mo Allan had made
we thought it would be a good craft for the Sunnybank members to try.

So using ribbon, a polystyrene ball, lots of coloured pins and twinkly stars and flowers they set to.

With fantastic results.

Now we can not sign off without some of Susan's famous factoids.
What are they about today, she asked.  Obviously we all said Christmas.
But no.... they were about HALLOWEEN.

Here are a few you might not know, or want to know

The word Halloween marks the end of summer in north west Europe and bonfires are lit during the festival of Samhain to ensure the sun returns after winter. 
It was celebrated as much by the Celts who believed that on the 31st October the dead returned looking for bodies to inhabit, so they dressed in costumes to confuse them.
Lanterns were first made from turnips and is an Irish tradition.
Harry Houdini died on Halloween night in 1926.
Fear of Halloween is call Samhainophobia.

Scottish girls believed they would see images of their future husband if they hung wet sheets in front of the fire.
Others looked in mirrors while walking downstairs at midnight.

Susan really does find the most obscure facts sometimes.


  1. Those baubles look so pretty Lynn.It must be hard coming up with ideas sometimes. Have you thought of Funky Flowers? They could be sewn first, then the ladies could bead and embroider them.They make sweet brooches.Or put on a hat?
    Judy x

    1. Thanks for the idea Judy. Susan and I have regular meetings where we put together a programme of four projects which covers us for two months. Next we do a sample of each one so that we are well prepared. It's nice to get ideas from other people like we did this week with Mo.s
      Lynn x

  2. Wonderful factoids Lynn, lots of fun. Susan really does come up with the most bizarre, but definitely interesting details. Those baubles are gorgeous, I like the flowers you found. Were they all from Hobblycraft? That holly ribbon in the first picture is very lovely.
    I love Judy's fabric idea too, I bet she'd come up with some stunners :0) xx

    1. The plastic container of flowers were from Hobbycraft and cost about £4.50
      I will get Susan to email you with the supplier of the rest.
      Lynn x

  3. What great baubles. No two will ever be the same and they will look great with tree lights around them. Hugs, Buttons x

  4. Brilliant factoids and a great make! x

  5. Sunnybank Day Centre7:50 pm, October 31, 2012

    Thanks again Lynn and Susan - appreciated as usual.