Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Vintage Home Show, Manchester

  I returned to the fantastic VICTORIA BATHS in Manchester on Sunday, this time to a VINTAGE HOME event
It was equally as exciting as the Vintage Clothes one I went to previously.
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How is it these places have such a magic atmosphere with so many interesting people.  Like www.sherrattandreece.co.uk with their antique & vintage prints and www.retropattern.co.uk who source their fabulous retro fabrics from all over the world.

I bought two cushions from Manchester based www.allmodconsvintage.com

Look at the funky phones they sell.
 A friend of mine has a green one and loves it. 

This stallholder groups her wares by colour it made her stall stand out. Stallholder Chris said how proud he was of his wife's talent for displaying the stock.
I would like to show you the beautifully covered bedroom stool I bought but its for my sister for Christmas and she might see it.

Don't miss the Victoria Baths 
Art & Craft Fair 
Sunday 4th November 
12pm - 4pm

It's to help them raise money for their stained glass appeal. 

(don't know whats happened to my display work today, blogger seems to be acting up a bit, sorry)
Lynn x
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  1. OMGoodness Lynn, I don't know how you didn't come away from their bankrupt! Just from these few pictures I've spent a fortune, haha. I love that cream and red phone and the stamps would have all come away with me, the bud vase on the 'green' stand, the blue hedgehog, the orange crackle vase and sooo many other things. WoW! Haha. I am so jealous there is nothing like that around here. Thank you for sharing all your adventures with us :0) xx

    1. It was a nice nightmare Mo, but I only have so much room in my house. I would love to makeover a room or whole house into a vintage one. If I had a shed I would do that.

  2. So many gorgeous things! I love how retro is now so desirable. It's probably just as well (for my bank balance) that I'm so far from manchester :)


  3. Thanks for the feature, great to meet you too.

  4. *Sigh* I still love all the same pieces I mentioned last time xx