Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I've had a wonderful birthday ......

An assortment of cards arrived from my sister in Oxford and in the top box you can see a handmade card by my friend Jacqui and one from another friend Peggy.

Doodly Bird pinny and bird box from Ruth & Susan.  Tape measure from my sister
A little tea party
Birdy tin, hangers and a lovely card from Mum.  Gorgeous Birdy tape measure from my neighbour
More nice cards.  The smiley face is me painted by 5 year Ilana

Busy bee card by 2 year old Ellie.  Wire bird from my friend Jane.  Special thank you to Mo for the lovely handmade card using fabric she has dyed and for the beautiful hanging from one of my favourite crafters Catkin Jane www.catkinjane.co.uk

Thank you to everyone for all my lovely cards and presents many which I havent shown as I dont want to hog to much of your time.
Lynn xxx

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  1. Oh Lynn - what a lot of beautiful, thoughtful, unusual and downright AWEsome gifts and cards! The ones from the children are super cute!
    I'm very happy you were so blessed by them all and that you had a wonderful birthday :-D
    I would love to know where that birdie tape measures came from ;) xx

  2. Hi Lynn, you have had some lovely presents and cards, not surprised though, a lovely person always deserves to be spoilt! Crafty hugs, Anne x

  3. Such lovely cards and gift, I can tell you are well loved! Hope you had a happy day.

  4. Great cards! How lucky you are! Happy Bday (I'm a Leo too!).