Wednesday, 25 July 2012

We've just landed....

The Doodly Birds have just landed back in Whitworth from their sojourn to Witney, Oxford where we had a lovely week with my sister that went much to quickly.
Those of you who want to know what was in the box before Cobey the cat claimed it, well look at this.


 A late Christmas present from my sis.  I've wanted one for ages and  this one is like new.  
Lucky me also received these early birthday presents.

 They are made by enamalist FIONA CAMERON
This little mosaic is of some more lovely pieces my sister Jill has in her home.
The orchid has been in flower for 10 months.

Another treat we had was to visit the Watermill Theatre at Bagnor, Newbury
If you live anywhere near there I strongly recommend you go.  It is set in the most idyllic surroundings, has a wonderful restaurant & bar and is very friendly.
 We saw a truly funny farce of BEN HUR.

Tomorrow I am going to make a few mosaic pictures of the things and people we saw at Art In Action at Waterperry, Oxford.  Including this little fella.

Nice to be back, sort of !


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time - how on earth does your sister keep her orchid in bloom for 10 months?!
    I love the old typewriter - it's fabulous - is it going to be a display piece or will it be used?
    I'm sending birthday wishes for whenever that may be - very soon I presume as you've opened some of your pressies!
    Looking forward to seeing your photo mosaics
    Diana x

    1. We did Diana and she has two orchids and doesn't do anything to them but water them once a week.
      I am going to use the typewriter and display it too.
      My friends and family will tell you I love my birthdays, they go on for weeks. The big ones go on for about six months. Hee hee
      Lynn x

  2. Gorgeous orchid - clever to keep it going so long. Your little typewriter is neat - everything comes around again doesn't it! Happy birthday when it arrives too. x Jo

    1. It's not while the 13th August but it's started already. Will I never grow up Jo..... NO ! I get to excited.

  3. Ahh, don't say "Sort of!" I've missed you! Welcome back!! :D
    That orchid really is beautiful Lynne :D I do like your typewriter, but I LOVE those enamel birds, particularly the Robin.
    I'm looking forward to catching up and seeing your next mosaics, the ruddy cheeked chappy looks fun :0) xx

  4. welcome home! Your goodies all look lovely! Lucky lady! See you very soon, can hardly wait xx

  5. LOVE that needle felted elfie boy! I have tried small needle felted projects, but they just take too long for me to keep on doing them.Love the sound of the needle in the wool.
    Glad you had a fab time.

  6. ooohhhh lovin the typewriter! lucky you - looking forward to seeing more pics...

  7. Great to have you back home and loving that typewriter, it's fabulous and so is your Sister's orchid, I am very good at killing them myself. Mosaics sound interesting, look forward to seeing those. A x

  8. I am just loving that are one lucky girl!!!

  9. Hi I found your blog via a comment you left with oooh Betty re the kitty .....I will be blogging about my Kitty when it leaves the UK today for the USA.
    The typewriter is cool, what will you be using it for?
    Off to have a read of your posts with my morning cuppa and also to look at your doodlybirds Have a nice day Heather x

  10. Hello Lynn, looks as though you had a lovely time away - love all the photos. One of the typewriters I learned to type on more than 40 years ago was an Olivetti - they were built to last! I still key like a typist so have ruined any number of PC keyboards over the years ... too heavy handed :) If The Boss was near that box she'd be in it too ... cats are so nosy. Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x