Friday, 27 July 2012

From Oxford to St.Ives to Uzbekistan

I haven't captured the 3D effect of this felt hanging we saw at Best of the Best at Waterperry Art in Action, it was quite spectacular.

 Here's Jane Ryan's fantastic wooden quirky automated toys.  It was lovely to see Jane again, she is such a warm friendly person.  We are going to visit her workshop when we go to St. Ives in September.
This is a link to her site

The weaving of the Uzbekistan people in the international tent is stunning

Have a look at the
 great work they do in educating people in different crafts

This lovely pottery is the work of Katherine Winfrey of 
The Old Butcher's Shop at Barnack Stamford

I love this bird

From this 

To this   
by Carol Peace  of Bristol

Jenny Wheatley's artwork
reminds me of the collages of Italian balconies and windows I did some years ago.

I could go on for ever about ART IN ACTION at Waterperry in Oxford

But I think you may just have to pay a visit yourself next year.

I hope you have enjoyed the tiny selection of the fabulous things you can see there.

Lynn x
Off to see to the Doodly Birds now for Sunday's Prom Art at Grange Over Sands


  1. Hi Lynn, wonderful pictures! There are so many talented people out there - if I visited as many beautiful stands as you do I would be bankrupt in no time and you wouldn't be able to move in our house......but so glad you do visit so we can see your amazing pictures. Crafty hugs, Anne xx

  2. Oh Lynn, what an incredible array of talent filled goodies! I particularly like the beautifully coloured pottery in the bottom picture. There's no way I'll be able to visit so I hope you will be able to go again next year and show us more of your great pictures :0) xx

  3. I was there :) it really is the most amazing day out full of inspiration
    Von x☺x