Sunday, 1 July 2012

A t-shirt, a night out, a lampshade, a dog basket and a handsome boy

Here's my Mum wearing her Doodly Bird T-shirt

 She is going to wear it to the new leisure centre in Rochdale when she goes to the gym on Monday
Is'nt she great for 80. She also walks between 5-10  miles twice a week.
You have to make an appointment to see her she is that busy.
I had a lovely meal in The Baum next to the Old Co-op Museum in Rochdale.
How do you like this Doodly Bird lampshade
And this is my beautiful little neighbour Ellie who comes to play.
Last but not least this handsome chap is my new great nephew Noah who lives in Dubai.

Just some of the things in the Holland household
hope you like them.


  1. ...loVely posting Lynn, your Mum can now add modeling to her repotoire!...great she walks, so good for health & blood pressure! wish i could find the time in our busy 24hrs we call a day...loVe your 'T' and lampshade!...have a super day...Mel :)

  2. Hi Lynn, your Mum looks fabulous for 80 and she looks wonderful in her Doodly T-shirt, she is a great advert for your wonderful products. Love all your pics today, thank you for sharing them. Crafty hugs, Anne x

    PS, I am so looking forward to my latest parcel of goodies......x

  3. Great pics Lynn, your mum looks great, as do your 'T' and lampshade :D That part of your workstation looks very busy ;)
    That pub looks very welcoming - can't quite read the specials board from here tho', haha.
    Ellie looks very comfy in her basket seat surrounded by her soft toys, she's looks very sweet. About 3yrs old? And wee Noah, awwwwwwww, cute babba. :0)
    Have a happy Sunday Lynn :0) xx

  4. Hi Lynn,

    What a cute little playmate you have there. And Noah is just too dang cute. Look at those eyes!!! Your mum looks fabulous in her doodly bird t-shirt. And the lampshade - very cool!!

    You go girl!!