Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Play Day ...

 This little Doodly Bird is ready for the Jubilee Play Day and has helped with the bun making.

  After a lovely walk out and a chat with some friends

It was back home and a buffet lunch come afternoon tea.

Then we got stuck into our Jubilee tag making.

Jacqui did this lovely tag, celebrating 60 years in time.

Mine was "At Home With the Queen"

 But it all got to much for Philip and Ruby

A walk, a tag and lots of lovely cake. Only one thing for it
" zzzzzzzzz" 

The birds are quiet today as they are in the doghouse after yesterday's exploits.


  1. Hi Philip! :0)
    What a lovely day you all had Lynn. I notice you skimmed over the munchng of too much yummy food, but I'm glad to see the wee Doodly helping out in the kitchen trying to make amends for yesterday, haha :)
    Love the tags - 60years in time is a clever idea and I would pAy to see Her Maj's face if she walked into the sitting room and a Doodly was on the couch, haha.
    Have a good rest of your evening. Mo xx

  2. Another lovely post Lynn, I love your tag 'at home with the Queen', I think she would love the doodlies, especially as they made so much effort to see her yesterday. They are obviously good at making cakes/buns, since you seemed to enjoy your lunch. Love your photos of Philip (and Ruby too). A x

  3. He will kill me whe he sees it haha