Friday, 4 May 2012

Treats and Treasures in Todmorden

I found even more treats and treasures in Todmorden on Thursday.
First we called in the Sue Ryder Charity shop to show them my hand illustrated bags that I am selling with £2 from each bag going to their good cause (9 sold so far).
See my Etsy shop or leave a comment if you want one.
Then it was onto the secondhand market and look what treasures I found there.
Two little plates 20p each, a crochet mat £1, five old birthday postcards £2, the tiny typewriter was 50p.
The little boot was a gift off lovely Joanne who has some fantastic pieces of shabby chic furniture and  last week gave me the fascinating story behind the buttons I bought from her.
Link for last week's article
The tiny typewriter was 50p.
The wicker basket was £5  and is great for carrying all my craft bits and pieces in.
The jug was £1, the plate 10p and the dish 50p
More treasures were to be found on this vintage clothing stall owned by Retrodec Vintage. They have the most fabulous vintage hats and coats and can also been seen on Altrincham Market on Saturdays.  You can contact Aileen at if you are looking for something in particular or want to know more about the great stock she keeps.

I got my crocheted mat from Aileen and resisted the urge to buy the spats. If you've still got them next week... put my name on them please.  I bought a present for my artist friend Gemma Thorpe, but I cant show you as she will be tuning in at some point. Hi, Gemma !
Next on our list was food and today we choose Richard and Tiffany Carlton's Market Hall Cafe on the inside market.
We had the most wonderful hot pork sandwich, it just melted in your mouth.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, even more so when I tried their freshly baked fruit shortbread. It was so good Jacque bought three more pieces and we took home some of their lovely homemade scones.
 Richard who has been a highly respected chef for over 25 years to Michelin standards, has cooked for the rich and famous including Robert De Niro, Michelle Pheiffer, Patrick Dempsey, Sir Ian Noble.....and now back on his home ground he and Tiffany are delighting us with their wonderful fayre.
As well as serving fresh homemade meals daily on their market stall they do private catering, dinner parties and cooking lessons
You can contact them on
07827 888 336  or email
and watch out for their new website coming soon.
Keeping it local it is being constructed by Jane Wild at the Media Shop in Todmorden
It was another great day out at the market and look what I used my 50p typewriter for.
My Doodly Bird business cards
Thanks for your lovely company Jacquelyn and for putting up with my talking to everybody.
I finished the day off with a visit to Jacque's house to meet her husband Neville and see the fantastic work he produces.  But that story is for another day. Sorry!


  1. What a wonder ful day - I'm completely jealous!!!!!!!!! xxx

  2. I'm jealous too - I can't get out to look for interesting markets, but they would be hard to find in this area these days anyway! Connie.

  3. What a lovely day you had!

  4. Sounds like another great day in Todmorden. Is there anything left in the charity shops?

  5. WoW! What a super day you had. You do a great tour in words too Lynn :D I SO wish there were markets like that around here - jealous jane here ;) haha.
    That typewriter is just the cutest, what a great find. And what, if I may ask, would you do with spats? hmm......
    Mo xx

    1. I'll let you know if I get them Mo x

  6. Todd is great for shopping it has a lovely market doesn't it. but I never seem to find any thing worthwhile in charity shpops!

    1. It's the luck of the draw on the day isn't it.

  7. Hi Lynn
    Nice to talk on Thursday, your site has some really intersting things in it.
    Hope to see you again soon
    Aileen (Retrodec Todmorden Market)

    1. Hi Ailen
      Will be over in Todmorden Thursday 17th May all being well with another bunch of friends.
      See you then.

      Ps have got my website up and running now