Monday, 14 May 2012

TIN CANS AND Sunnybank Craft Club

There was a lot of laughter at Sunnybank Craft Club this week when Susan came up with more of her marvellous factoids, this time on TIN CANS.
Picture this if you will,  Napolean trying to open a tin of beans with a hammer and a chisel while in the throws of a battle.  Apparently the first canned food was produced in 1812 and were used by the military, but no one had invented the can opener.
A good shout for the UK is that tin cans were invented and patented here by Peter Durand in 1810 and the first canning factory opened in England in 1813.

Other uses for tin cans (after youve eaten the beans).
Pen/pencil holders like our craft club members made.
Herb Pots.
Fill with peas and use as a musical instrument.
Poke holes in the sides and put a night light inside, hang it in your garden.
Two tins with a length of string connecting them makes a telephone.
(yes I did it as a child and it worked)
Paint a picture of 32 tins of Campbells Soup and make a fortune like Andy Warhol.

Next session Monday 28th May 10-12 and there is a Jubilee theme.

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  1. Lovely decorations on them Lynn. They're such a crafty lot there at Sunnybank ;)

  2. Very interesting facts Lynn. The group have turned out some fabulous projects. Love the last suggestion - only wish I could paint! Crafty hugs, Anne x

  3. ...what a cool idea & such fun, you could co-ordinate with your craftroon/office & sky's the limit...I'll think twice when I put our cans for re-cycling...and a history lesson too...super posting Lynn...Mel :)
    I made a little something for you today but to late to catch postie, so i'll get it off first thing...xx

    1. Ooh that's sounds good Mel, I like mr postie bringing me nice things xx

  4. Sunnybank Day Centre3:11 pm, May 15, 2012

    Brilliant as usual xx Thank you

  5. Sorry I missed it!

    1. Never mind Glenda, I made one specially for you for your office. x