Friday, 4 May 2012

I was only going for my haircut ......

I went down to my friend's salon down in Ramsbottom
 The Stylist & Barber, 288, Bolton Rd North, Ramsbottom, Bury , BL0 0NG.
 Tel. 01706 559094.
Instead of going straight home I decided, after hearing about it from a friend, to do a recce on  the  CRAFT RANGE off the M65 at Burnley, Lancashire.

So I jumped on the motorway and hey presto ended up at a fabulous craft warehouse open to the public. Inside its a crafters paradise.Deciding it would be a good trip out for fellow crafters I thought I better try out the Cafe.  The food was lovely and not expensive, so more to spend on craft goodies.
 Instead of jumping on the motorway to go home  I wandered through Hapton, Accrington and Baxenden and spotted the signs for the Haworth Gallery, famous for its collection of Tiffany Glass.
In I went, introduced myself to Yvonne, one of the guides, who invited me to have a good look round the building and gave me a pack which included information on workshops, official tours of the Gallery, future events and a booking form if we wanted a group outing.
I was also fortunate enough to see an exhibition of the work of  the Lancashire Art & Craft Guild, and I bought this lovely pottery poppy pod for my Mum.
 So from having a simple (but chic) haircut, I found a great craft supplier and the summer outing for our Tuesday night craft group and maybe a future trip for the Embroiderers Guild.
 I had to take a picture of the ground of the car park the texture and patterns are inspiring.


  1. What an adventurer you are!! I'm sure that in another life you would have been a pioneer :)
    But I have to do realise don't you, I am now going to 'lose' more hours browsing ? Do I hAVe to cook today?! haha
    You poppy pod is beautiful Lynn. Your mum will love it I'm sure.
    How very apt for a Gallery to have such a visually pleasing car park.
    Thank you again for a treat filled posting :D
    Mo x

  2.'s amazing how your day starts one way & turns out another...& your detour beyond the salon turned into an artfull adventure!...adore the Poppy Pod bet your Mum will too...Mel :)

  3. What a great day you had! and that little pottery pod is beautiful!

  4. Oooh I like the sound of the Craft Range, will be up in that area at the end of the months so will try and go there, thanks for telling us! I love that poppy seed, the colours are stunning, a lovely gift for your Mum. Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. If you have time call and see my studio in Whitworth. Postcode OL12 0TS if that helps Anne.
      Hope to see you soon
      Lynn xx
      Tea and cakes always on the go