Sunday, 27 May 2012


We would normally say that rain stopped play but on Sunday the sun did the same job when it kept people away from the regular Sunday Craft Fair held at The Hub in Bacup, Lancashire in the UK.
 Nevertheless I still chatted to some nice people who are all very talented.
Clare owner of Charms By Clare 
makes amongst other things these fantastic wine glass charms, which she sells for £10 a set.  They are elegantly presented in a gift box.  Pity I don't drink !  These magic beads change colour with the light and were quite hard to photograph. I also liked the lovely bookmarks and handbag charms.  You can have a piece personalised too.

Clare invited all visitors to have a go at guessing how many beads were in this glass.  She is going to let us know by email later. How many do you think are in it ?  She didnt have to count them herself but she has got to seperate them all into their colours after.  Rather her than me.  Clare's Mum was there and told me she is a card maker but regularly helps out her daughter.

I watched one lady making landscape pictures using encaustic wax.  
Along with her mum and sister they are quite a talented family.

These  little origami boxes were made by her younger sister and sold for an unbelievable  75p each and the patchwork brooch made by Mum was £1.00  -  bargains.

Mother and daughter team Abigail & Lesley McDowell of A FRAYED KNOT offer unique recycled yarns and locally sourced wool, available naturally coloured or hand-dyed ready for you to spin or felt. They also have a range of handknits and stitched items. Lesley is also involved in running Craft Clubs in the Haslingden area of Lancashire and if you want to know more about any of their work contact Lesley on 07793 744885 or email
  You can see some of the stock here in their Folksy Shop
Their work can also been seen at HELMSHORE TEXTILE MUSEUM in Haslingden, Lancashire.

Before I left I grabbed myself a homemade curry meal and some teabread from Joanne who's 14 year old daughter Alice has been baking from a very young age.
Their company has a great title "Alice In Bun Da Land"

The next Bacup craft fair takes place on Sunday 29th July 11am-3pm
Visit their site here

Pop into the Doodly Bird Store while you are here.
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  1. I reckon there are about 1500 beads in that glass :)
    Those origami boxes are delightful! Really pretty, and the patchwork brooch is very sweet indeed. It's a pussycat version of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant :)
    And the charms, crochet cakes etc are all very cute.
    How sociable you are mama Doodly ;)

    1. Just a chatterbox I think Mo, like my Doodly Birds haha xx

  2. What a shame that the sun kept people away, looks like some wonderful things were on offer at great prices too. I am going to go for 2000 beads in the glass. Love those origami boxes.

  3. ...what loVely crafty makes, there are so many clever talented people out there...loVe the little knitted cupcakes & i'd say around 5000 in that glass...have a wonderful day Lynn...Mel :)

  4. Thanks for playing along with us on the Use your stuff blog. The origami boxes are really cute!

  5. I'll definitely make a note of the next date xx