Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bunting, Programmes and a Caesarean Section

Sunnybank Craft Club went into Royal mode today, getting ready for their Jubilee Party on Friday.  They did a great job on making this bunting
Mrs Shaw waiting for her lunch after the club
Each member made a Programme that will be placed on the tables at the Party, as a little centre piece and reminder of the event.
A few of the Programmes for the tables
I can hear you saying "but what about the Caesarean section".
Well it was one of Susan's great factoids that she comes up with every week.
"Did you know" she informed us "that the Queen was born by Caesarean section.  A dangerous procedure in 1926".
Well no we didnt know, but we do now.
Happy Jubilee Day to the Sunnybank Craft Club
Long may Susan's Factoids reign.


  1. I have to admit to be more than a little intrigued by the word caesarean on your blog today! I did not know that fact about the queen. When I had mine, over forty years ago it was quite a scary procedure even then. Thank goodness for modern medicine..... The craft group did a wonderful job on their bunting and programmes. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  2. ...well that was a headline grabber of attention your post title Lynn, it had me intregued immediately...a loVely time had by everyone by the looks of things & very pretty bunting & programmes...I'd only just read that about the Queen in the 'weekend' magazine which comes with the Mail on Saturday, interesting fact!...have a loVely day Lynn...Mel :)

  3. I too was 'grabbed' by your headline - good one Lynn! I'm sure you'd easily get a job with the tabloids, haha.
    The bunting and programmes look great I bet everyone enjoyed making them!
    Hope Mrs Shaw got a tasty lunch ;)
    Mo xx

    1. Tabloids hum, now there's a thought !

    2. Haha - The Doodly News :)
      Can I ask Lynn, how did yo cut out those triangles? The edging is so pretty :0)

  4. Yep, I agree with the others, that title was an attention getter! ;-) Having fun with my Ollie owls, who will make an appearance tomorrow on WOYWW.

    The bunting looks great and Mrs. Shaw reminds me of a family friend that I hold dear in my heart. Her photo brought a hugs smile to my face.


  5. What a great pic of Mrs Shaw! I really hope she enjoyed her lunch :) I love your bunting and programmes - what a lovely thing to do to decorate the Centre. Do you do crafts with them every week?
    Awesome factoid about the Queen, I didn't know that one either - are there more interesting snippets please?? LOL. I like the sound of The Doodly News, I'd buy a copy!
    Hugs, LLJ #77 xx