Friday, 4 May 2012

And now for something completely different.....

After our trip over to Todmorden on Thursday I stopped off at Jacquelyn & Neville Sparks house for a cuppa.
I was amazed to see these fantastic ships all hand built by Neville himself.

The hours spent working on them and the intricacy of each ship is phenomenal.

Some of them are too large to even be moved.

 Neville is currently working on a schooner like the one opposite.  He studies each ship then will construct it piece by piece from the illustrations in the book.

 He told me that the base of the ship has been formed from a lintel he was pulling out of an old police station in Clitheroe.  He cut it down to size then scooped it out.

The thing that intrigued me the most was that he uses everyday objects and recycled materials to make each piece.  It is not a bought kit.
The deck is made from plywood, scored with a scalpel and ruler to make the planks then coloured brown to give it an authentic look.
He uses wax string, which he dyes to get the correct colours.
Paddles are made from pieces of card and splinters of wood, then painted.

These hooks which fit on the side to hold the rigging are made from coloured plastic pipe, with holes that Neville makes himself, and wire cut and twisted.
 Every section is so precise it is amazing and you would not believe it is made from recycled  wood, plastic, card, string and other materials.
 I can't wait to see the next phase.
What a talented man.


  1. ...very talented indeed especially as you say he sources his pieces from everyday materials...and much patience too...Mel :)

  2. These ships are fabulous aren't they
    I love your studio Lyn, it looks so inspiring
    love Heather x

  3. Wow, what a talented man he is. I do so love to see such craftsmanship, particularly in miniature/scaled down as these are. Splendid! :D
    I also like to see the 'Big Ships' on the water, so graceful. I get sick as the proverbial dog mind you, haha. Well I did as a kiddie, maybe not now ;)
    Great post Lynn, thank you for sharing. Thanks to Neville too :D