Thursday, 1 March 2012


I could'nt choose one book in particular so my choices are:
1. A book that has been on my shelves since 1988
2. One that I lent to a friend and I went to India to get it back
3. One I bought after seeing the film and buying the CD.
4. A Richard and Judy Bookclub choice 2002/3
5. Finally one I bought after seeing in my mother's Women's Own magazine
 A family novel thats starts in the Cotswolds and takes you chapter by chapter through the lives of a family.  It was made into a film starring Angela Lansbury and I have read the book many times over the years and still enjoy the film. 
 Set in India this book tells the true story of Mark Shand and his travelling companion Tara.
I read this in 1992, then I  lent it to a friend who went to live in India and I told him I wanted it back.
So in 1997 I got on a plane, landed in Goa and got it back.  At first I was really annoyed that the front cover had fell off and it was really tatty, with no apologies from my friend. But over time Ive grown to love its tattiness, it gives it character.  Don't think you would say that about a Kindle.
Mark Shand has since done a follow up book, where he returns to see his beloved Tara.
Saw this first as a film and then bought the CD of the music. A lovely friend bought me this book for my 40th birthday, sadly he died shortly after in 1995.
Its a haunting story of Ada who doesnt speak, the history of her piano, the secret of her daughter Flora's conception and the mysteries and secrets of the men in her life.
This is a must read, must see, must listen to story.
Because of the Richard & Judy televised Book Club, at the start of this century, I bought this book.  It is one I would not have given a second glance to normally.
Its historical, and tells the tale of hundreds of refugees and their connections with one another.  A 26 day journey with many lives ending, others beginning afresh. 
A book for everyone.
And finally a book that started out with a small review in my mum's weekly magazine and  has led me to visits to Cockermouth and Kendal in the Lake district, organising a reading group trip to the gallery the book is about, attending talks by the author in Sedburgh and the North Lakes and buying my husband a rather expensive but wonderful piece of art.
This book is written by the owner of Castlegate Gallery in Cockermouth and it is the true stories of how she set up the gallery, how she found the artists who's work she exhibits and much much more.
I defy anyone not to like this book and to want to go on the journeys it takes you.


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