Thursday, 22 March 2012


I was asked to help with a couple of things this week, the first being to make a display of this lovely handmade jewellery by Cathie Prescott.
Cathie collects her materials when she is on her travels, so some of the beads have come from as far afield as France and Marrakesh.
She generously donates both her time and materials to Sunnybank Day Centre/Sunnyside Residential Home for free as like many of us she sees both venues as essential places for the people of Whitworth and surrounding district. 
The jewellery is now on sale in the Day Care Centre with prices ranging from £2 to £7 for a beautiful set.  If you saw these in a shop you would be paying a lot more.

I want to add that there are many people who give their time and support to Sunnybank/Sunnyside in many different guises, ie running classes, making things to sell, helping at events, visiting,  the list is endless.  

The staff are incredible in their kind approach and friendliness to all who step over the door.   There  is always a warm happy atmosphere,  a cuppa and a delicious three course lunch to be had.

Lovely homely rooms
The second task is to help with promoting both Sunnybank and Sunnyside on the web.  So my part is to take some pictures before we get down to the lengthy task of putting it all together.
Artwork by residents 

Like many establishments this wonderful place is marred by government cuts.  It is such a shame to see the heart of local communities suffering from lack of support.  Whitworth needs this happy place or where will our respected older generation be able to enjoy good food, good company and a warm welcome.  It will be our turn soon enough.... so we all need to help as much as we can.
Chat, dance and good company.

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  1. You are doing a wonderful job for Sunnybank, keep up the good work :) Kim