Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Oh, gosh I've turned into Dottie Angel and I've only read half her book.
What am I talking about ?........ 
Well I went to the charity shop today (thrift shop as Tif would call it), to drop off some cushions and lampshades belonging to a friend who had just had a revamp. I must have been in Dottie mode when I went in as I went straight to the dump basket of household textiles and unearthed a lovely net curtain priced at 75p, some great crocheted mats for 50p, an embroidered tray cloth 25p and even a box of three ladies embellished hankies priced at 50p which are brand new in their box. I love cotton handkerchieves and if I never iron anything else I will always press them. 

But my best purchase was a country cottage style pair of lined curtains for £4, that looked like they had not even been hung. To make sure we could live with them I pinned them on top of my old ones in the bedroom. They will probably still be like that at Christmas. HaHa !  A bit of a change round of pictures, cushions and some of my old collected pieces and we have a cozy shabby chic bedroom. The husband thought it looked great and said it looked so comfy with the lamps lit he wanted to snuggle down with ....... no not me his gorgeous devoted wife....... But his country music magazine. Awh well! 

Did I mention that it felt like Christmas when I unearthed a hand sewn pinny in the dump bin as well.  It cost all of 50p.  You can see it in my Dottie Angel style photograph along with my new flowery curtains. I'm now trying to find a piece of fabric to recover Bobbydogs cushion bed.  It's got to be a charity shop find though.

Favourite saying out of the Dottie Angel dictionary  -  Have a shiny sparkly day !!!!


  1. Sunnybank Day Centre12:00 pm, October 13, 2011

    That's brilliant - always worth a rummage!!

  2. Brilliant! I want a pinny now. It was the first thing we had to make at school so we could wear it in Domestic Science - in which our first lesson was making toast!!! They concentrated on academic subjects at our school and obviously thought we couldn't make much more! Having said that we made a christmas cake on week 4 and then spent the next 5 decorating it - it must have been like concrete and bashed to bits after all that to-ing and fro-ing. Keep up the good work. x

  3. Hee hee you are as mad as me and a definite candidate for the Dottie Angel club. How about chocolate and beetroot buns, that's the latest trend with one Dottie Club member xx