Saturday, 8 October 2011


If you have seen my "Sketchbook & Other Stuff" blog you will have seen postings about the website Handembroidery Network, a really good site for anyone who stitches.

Well I have just taken part in an ATC (artist trading card) swap and my swap partner was a lady in the U.S.A.   The theme of the swap was "Music", and you had to produce a card using any materials you like, so it could be paint, collage, fabric but preferably with some stitch in.  Here are pictures of the one I sent 

  The front

The edge was machine stitched and the bird was attached to the background by using Bondaweb.  I handstitched the musical notes and added black beads.  The bird was outlined with black thread and machine stitched. By doing it this way I had good results on the back of the card which was done in red felt.
The back

Again I handstitched the musical notes and added black beads.  The wing was stitched in black thread handstitched into a grid pattern.  To fill in the legs I used a ladder stitch.

Our nice postman handed me a package one morning that bore an Airmail label and an American stamp.  It was so exciting carefully opening it to see what Jeni Ann had sent me.  Imagine my surprise when i saw this.  Great minds think alike !!!!!
It was a challenge and great fun doing the swap and I am going to do it again.
If you want to know more about it and even take part, check out the link above. 

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