Friday, 29 April 2016

What's in a name

These are little paintings and sketches randomly placed in an old album I picked up for £12 at the Festival of Vintage last weekend.  

What has drawn me to it, as well as it being unusual, is that all the pieces are by different people. They date from 1919 to 1926.  There is also a splattering of written sayings by different individuals as well.

The book has the inscription
To Dorrie with love from Victor 1919
This page is my favourite
Three boys, a pipe and a pin
The signatures listed here are not the people who have done the paintings.
It is fascinating and I would love to know how it all came about.
I've tried googling the names and dates to find a connection.
The only link I have found so far is that it could be American.

The last page made me smile,  it says
"By hook or by crook I will be last in this book"
Herbert S. Lovell 14/1/21

Then across the top of it D. Lovell has written
" A very silly thing to write"


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What's on my workdesk

We have been charging around the country again so there has been little if anything 
done at the desk since last week.
I picked up this bakelite calender at the Festival of Vintage at York at the 
weekend so that is now on my desk along with a bag of 1700 buttons.
I got the tin as well and that will be holding the buttons.
How do you like this trim, it looks hand stitched but on closer inspection of
the back by Miss Dolly Whatsit, it appears to be machine stitched.  Very clever.

Yesterday I posted a picture of this thingymebob.
 Any ideas what it is for ?
 I've given a clue in the cartoon.

Have a ponder while you have a look around 
some other desks over at Mrs D's. I will report back 
next week.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Postman Dave's been .......

Lovely Postman Dave has been today with this inspirational little word bobbin
made by the fabulous Tina Gilmore of Indigo Moon. 
She is such a talented and lovely person.  Thank you Tina.

I've got a bit of a brown thing going on here with my pictures.
When we were in York over the weekend at the Festival of Vintage 
I used it as a good excuse to visit Duttons for Buttons. 
Well, its the equivalent of a sweetie shop but less fattening. 
Its like stepping back in time in when you enter. 
Have a look at the link for photo's.
Mr Dapper Chap picked up two Tootal ties and these lovely brogues
at the Vintage Festival
Don't think he will get his big toe in these little boots though.
The wooden chain is going to be revamped to include a textile piece.
I giggled when I saw this as I know you like a challenge.
So go on, what is it ?

Monday, 25 April 2016

York Races and not a horse in sight

Over the weekend we visited the two day FESTIVAL OF VINTAGE at York Racecourse where the only horses we saw were clothes horses. 
Suits me as I don't like the four legged variety.
We thought we would walk across the racecourse to the venue 
but then realised that wet grass and suede high heels don't mix.
 What a fabulous event. This is my outfit for the first day.  
The dress has a little jacket with it and cost me £12 a couple of years ago
 and the swing coat is a favourite of mine.
I picked up some fabulous pieces.
This Morley cardigan is part of a twin set, British made. 
The dress doesn't have a label but is a gorgeous pattern in crimplene.
I love the colours.
The dress and jacket is made in France and has the label Tricosa.
I picked it up off Stockport trader Jane Hamilton for £25 
and wore it on the second day.
This PUTINA dress came from Jane as well.
Can't find out much about it but it is like a sari material and is lined.
This happy little number is a Dacron by Dupont and was a tenner.
Once we get some sunny weather I will be wearing it with last years 
Orla Kiely pink and gold buckle retro shoes.
Buying vintage clothes is a winning certainty and the only type of bet 
I will put on as I know they are odds on favourites for a return 
on my money when I want a change of wardrobe.

Linking in to 

Keeping in with the jumpsuit theme, I did manage to find a pic of me last year in this one I got in Bath when visiting my sister. 
 Its not worn very often as I can't do with the hassle of getting 
it off in a hurry haha !

bad hair day

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Less Faffing .....

Okay enough faffing, I need to get down to some serious "research and development" as my old friend and neighbour Ronnie used to say.
I'd catch him stood with his walking stick in the middle of the pavement looking round as if surveying the area.
"What you up to Ronnie" I'd say. "I'm on research and development mate" would be his reply.
He wasn't fooling anyone, we all knew his old legs were giving him jip and he needed to stand there while the pain passed off.
We've been using that phrase for over 30 years now, along with his follow up line "right I'm off to the drawing board now".  He meant the pub, haha.

So I need to get on with ideas for my next beginners craft workshops.
I'll be gathering, experimenting and creating and praying that my ladies will like what I come up with.

First up though we are off to York Racecourse to the Vintage Weekend. So it's dressing up time !

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

What's on my workdesk today

I don't know where to start telling you what I've been upto since last week but if you have a look back to yesterdays postings you will get the gist of what a fabulous time I've had and its all led to what's going on today.
I'm decorating my workroom because I've got a lovely new cabinet
and I've moved things around
So I decided to put up my Ruth Zanoni Roskell stitched ladies
and I have drawn frames around some of them.
 You see this one. Ruth sent me this for my 60th birthday last August.
It's me. I love it.
Here's some of the others on my wall of stitched ladies
  Ruth lives in Lancaster and is prolific with her stitching.
 Her work can be found in a local gallery to me Cloud Nine at Bacup Lancashire.
 I did manage to make this little brooch in between 
daubing paint on the walls Banksy style.
Hope you have all as as good a week as me.
Next trip out is Vintage Weekend at York Racecourse.
But first up is some deskhopping over at Mrs D's place