Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What's on my workdesk this week .....

First up happy 7th anniversary to all the WOYWW desk hoppers
And well done Julia for creating such a lovely community of bloggers

This week i've been stitching using up stuff from my fabric stash
and some sequins that friend Tania Freckleface sent me
Using strips of fabric I made some ribbon to tie around the parcel of 
 the Smelly Chops n Socks Lavender bag I made
These are a few of the cards I made for the Creative Challenge
ICAD - Index Card A Day back in 2014
I've been looking at them as the 2016 challenge is due to start and I might join in. 
Not sure yet.
Now did you guess what this thingymebob is from last week. Some of you did.  
Its an ancient board game called Mancala of which there are many variations.
Better for keeping your bits n bobs in I think.
There's a link here if you want to read more about it 


Friday, 20 May 2016

Postman Dave's been ....

Look what Postman Dave rocked up with this morning.
Such a lovely surprise from dear blog friend Diana Taylor of Velvet Moth Studio.

Along with the lovely fripperies Diana sent me this Maddy McClellan
 card as it reminded her of my Doodly Birds.
Well isn't that spooky as look what I've been working on.
They haven't been around for some time.
She often says that we are thinking in tandem. 
Well I can't argue with that.
Thank you very much Diana, you are very generous.
Tania do you recognise the shiny feathers haha.

Happy weekend 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

What's on my work desk today .....

These are my charity shop finds from the weekend.
Which of course will not be used for the correct purpose.
Like the mincer which is now a plant holder and miniature frame display piece.
A collection of clay pipes that have morphed into the Clanger family

Can't leave you without a quiz piece 
Do you know what it is ?

Time for a bit of deskhopping 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Stitching in the sunshine ....

I'm still stitching in the sunshine.
Do you like my £2.50 basket from the hospice shop in Grange Over Sands. 
I've stitched two pieces of ribbon across the inside of the lid to store bits and pieces.
My little tranny radio is tuned into Radio Manchester and I've got some company.
Look who has flown in to join me.
I don't think Molly from next door is very impressed.
This is the bag I started that will hold my stationery/letter writing stuff in.
I made the zippy bit to keep pens in.
You can't beat a bit of slow stitching in the peace of the garden.
Now I could keep you guessing as to which window this outlook is from, 
but i won't.
When we are at the curryvan its known as the best seat in the house.
Its the bathroom.  Your don't need to read your paper in there with that view.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you are upto.
We are off to the Opera House, Manchester on Sunday for the Solid Silver 60's show

Linking to Friday Smiles over at Annie's place.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Postman Dave has been ....

While we were at the caravan Postman Dave left me a mystery
parcel in our secret cubbyhole.

It was beautifully packaged and I had no idea who had sent it until I saw the smiley Freckleface cards and then I realised it was lovely kind friend Tania.
 It was rammed with goodies, including the most fabulous tasting chocolate truffles.
 Which of course I can't show you because they've been eaten, mostly by the welder.
I hope he can still get inside them boilers now he's stuffed his face.
Tania has set me a challenge to see what I will make with my lovely box of goodies.
Time to have a cuppa and think about that.
This little lady is sat on my desk now.

Thank you Tania I've really enjoyed opening all my parcels.
You have spoilt me. 
And thanks Postman Dave you bring the nicest snail mail.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

What's on my workdesk....

Signing in very late as I couldn't drag myself away from the beautiful carpet 
of bluebells outside our caravan in the lake district.
I haven't been sat on my laurels like the husband though, I made two necklaces from charity shop finds and scrap fabric

Made some bows

A cushion

A book bag and tag

 and this is the start of a bag for storing my favourite stationery
I need a rest now to get over my long weekend
doing nothing.

Desk hopping with Mrs D to see what everyone else has been upto at