Friday, 29 July 2016

It doesn't take much to please us

We've escaped early for the weekend and we are strolling round our favourite place....... Grange Over Sands in the Lake District.
The cottage known as the Gatehouse is on the main road through Grange and is so pretty.  

We love nothing better than sitting in the Ornamental gardens with an ice cream. We are simple folk really. It doesn't take much to make us happy.  

A 13 year old VW beetle and a 20 year old caravan do it every time with a few great charity shop finds like this beautifully worked framed embroidery for £3 from Age UK in nearby Milnthorpe and two Royal Wilton dinner plates 50p each.

Tomorrow we are off to the Flookburgh Steam Fair and Sunday Art On The Prom in Grange.  

Have a lovely weekend

Saturday, 23 July 2016

TODMORDEN .......Them two can't keep away

Our Saturday trips over the border to the town of Todmorden 
in West Yorkshire are becoming as precious to us now as our 
days at Stockport Vintage Market.
Our first stop is the outside market for fresh bread, fruit and veg 
and the gorgeous savoury and sweet tarts for Saturday tea. 
 Then to the inside market for cooked meats, 
bits and bobs off the haberdashery stall 
and a bunch of flowers if we are feeling flush.

A coffee and cake stop at the Old Co-op Deli & Cafe Bar is a must.  
While we are there we collect more provisions for the rest of the weekend from Todmorden's own
Incredible Edible Community Team
Take a look at their link its a fantastic scheme.

Jules Pottery for sale in the Old Co-op
Naturally we have to go in the Charity shops.  
Today I found this mahoosive brimmed sun hat for £1.49 
in Age Concern UK

Along with this old biscuit tin for 99p.
I said to Mr Dapper Chap, if I don't buy it 
our vintage trader friends Gail and Pat 
will be telling me I should have got it"  

Biscuit anyone ?

A visit to Tod is not complete without popping into 
Picture House Antiques and today I knew I would not be able 
to resist the Burleigh Ware mirror I'd spotted last week.
So even though it needs a bit of renovation work 
it had to come home with us.  
Thank you Tom for letting me have it for a good price.

We were attempting to count the number of stunning hanging baskets 
there are around the town but kept losing track as we were 
oohing and aahing over how beautiful they are.

Sad to say coming home through Bacup and Whitworth
 we didn't see a one. It's a different county and council. 
In fact Tod puts our area to shame.

So that's today's trip out over with and now 
its time to eat some of that lovely food we bought.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Vintage Home Finds....foraging, fettling & admiring

I came across this lovely little watercolour painting in the charity shop today.
It was in a horrible frame, which I have subsequently ditched.
Next trip out I will be keeping my eye out for an old frame like the white ones you see the Vernon Ward prints in.

This little cutie is a present for someone later in the year.
Mentioning no names of course.  Looks like a penholder to me or perhaps your toothbrush.

These tapestry wools are the ones I've been using on a textile art piece this week.
You can see what I made here

Had to pop into the village and found this gorgeous miniature Calla Lily
in our local flower shop for £3.50

Last up you have to see our new lamp and shade, courteousy of 
Nipper and Moo Vintage Handmade Shades and Lamps
Its fabulous.

Happy Friday and weekend from the Hollands 
And happy holidays to all the children and teachers at the start of their summer break.

What's on my workdesk.......

It's a hot one in the Rossendale Valley today

I am hoping that Mrs P will like the five foot canvas 
that I have made for her lounge wall.

The instruction was to work into the canvas she has 
recycled with a coat of paint.
The colour scheme had to be grey and yellow but I had free 
rein  to do whatever I wanted.

The slate, wire and stones came from the moorland where I live.
The woollen thread is a skein of tapestry wool from a 
pile I had given me ages ago.

Saturday, 16 July 2016


Saturday would not be the same without a trip over the moor to 
our favourite spot TODMORDEN.
I know I am always banging on about it but we just love it.
Especially when we stop for a coffee and cake break at 
The Old Coop Shop after getting our weekend provisions on the market.

Today's choice of cake for me was Ginger & Fudge 
and Mr Dapper Chap chose Lemon, Caraway & Black Pepper.
Absolutely scrumptious.

 PICTURE HOUSE ANTIQUES draws me in like a magnet.  
Look what I found,
this beautiful porcelain basketweave bowl.

As you know I can't walk past a charity shop without calling in and 
I am so glad I did as I found this vintage St. Michael chiffon blouse for £4 in the RSPCA shop.
It is really pretty, the photo doesn't do it justice.

We finished off our day with a walk along the canal.
If you have never been and live in the West Yorkshire area you are missing a treat.

It's just short off an ice cream parlour.  
Well at least I haven't found one yet.

I couldn't stop smiling after I bumped into an old school friend 
who I hadn't seen for 46 years.  She hasn't changed a bit as 
you can tell as we both recognised each other straight away.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Foraging Round Vintage Village

We had such a great day foraging round the Vintage Village at Stockport yesterday.
Our trader friends came up trumps with treasures that they knew we would love and some surprise ones as well. Pat and Matthew at A Vintage Affair had put my name on this quirky chappy with his retractable tape measure tail and a hole in the top of his nose for a pair of embroidery scissors. 


We also picked up an Isle of Wight fan for my menopausal flushing mate and this poodle tin from them which I will use to keep the wooden cotton reels in that Gail at Essentially Eagle Vintage gave me for my crafting.

The autograph book, again from A Vintage Affair (£1) has such a story to tell.  It belonged to a couple who lived in Canada and moved to England.  There friends have written little poems and good wishes in it.

I'm thinking of making the cigarette album into a display unit. Watch this space.


This magazine rack has been made from a couple of table mats, wood and plastic thread. Its so sweet.

Gail also sourced this Vernon Ward print for me to add to the collection in my bathroom.

I had put in a request for some wall hanging plates to give our garden a mediteranean feel.  Thanks Gail they are perfect.   

These quality Empire linen pillowcases were a snip at £6 for the pair off Anne at The Side Room.  We already have some similar and they wash beautifully.

I wasn't looking for any clothes as my wardrobe is bursting at the seams but when Alex of Aspidistra Vintage showed me this St. Michaels gorgette frock it had to come home. Its really pretty.

Mr Dapper Chap didn't come home empty handed either. This St.Michael's wool jacket could have been tailor made for him, it fits so well.  He spotted it in 20th Century Stores and as always Alan had it on at a really good price £35.  Didn't he do well.  

While we were in 20th Century Stores chatting to the lovely Sarah of Tin Trunk I spotted this little 1920's leather bound photograph frame from her own collection and brought that home too along with the miniature tin frame.
All in all a great day. We missed the May and June events so it was fantastic to catch up with everyone, have lots of banter, listen to the music and relax with a bit of lunch and coffee and cake.

Roll on August when we can do it all again.

I don't know why my pics are all over the show sorry
Technology and me don't get on well