Friday, 17 June 2016

Friday Smiles

There's been lots to smile about this week including 
spending a week with my little sis who lives in Witney, Oxford.

A trip to Blenheim Palace to see the Giffords Circus show
 The Painted Wagon.  
We went to see our favourite band My Darling Clementine at Fat Lil's Club (love that name) in Witney on the first night. 

These crazy sculptures are in the gardens of the library in Summertown 
where I picked up this maxi skirt for £5 in my favourite 
charity shop - Helen & Douglas House Hospice. 
They have a full department devoted to vintage & retro.

Could have stayed forever in the Organic Gardens & Cafe at Cassington

We ended our week with a visit to Walsall to see lovely friends Vix & Jon and their fantastic home.

See you guys in August xx

Sorry about the blurry pics I can't get them to load from my phone to pc

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Postman Dave's been ....

I arrived home from a great week in Witney, Oxford 
visiting my sister to find that Postman Dave had 
brought me this wonderful parcel from a very 
talented and generous friend in California.

I'm going to be adding these vintage fabrics 
to some patchwork curtains I'm planning to make for our bedroom 

I have a box of goodies from Constanza that I received 
some years ago and it is such a joy to dip in and out of it.
 Sometimes using some of the treasures within or just simply admiring them.

Look at the beautiful embroidered pieces here - a brooch, a needlecase 
and a gorgeous wall hanging which is so like the 
style of stitching I am currently doing.

So much inspiration and kindness from across the pond.
  Thank you Constanza 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

What's on my workdesk today .....

What's on your workdesk Wednesday 
has been nosing around bloggers creative spaces for 
seven years now and to celebrate the friendships 
that have been formed members took the opportunity to make 
and post Artists Trading Cards to one another.
I was very lucky as I got an unexpected one from Jo aka Twiglet, 
as well as the one from Annie aka A Stitch in Time .
While I was looking for something amongst my box of treasures 
this week look what I came across.
Wasn't that a delightful coincidence.

A big thank you to Julia for keeping us all together and I hope you are better soon.

I have a massive thank you to give to Annie as she 
is working on a very very special superhero bunting.  
I think you might see some of it over at her place.
No desk to show this week as I am cleaning.
Not something you will see me doing a lot of.
But I do like wearing my vintage pinny to do it in.
Have a great week everyone.


Sunday, 29 May 2016


I wish I had this outfit that a young Barbara Stanwyck is wearing
I think it is absolutely fabulous.
I would have worn it yesterday when I went into Bacup, a little market town between where I live in Whitworth and my favourite haunt Todmorden.
Now anyone local would laugh and think I was telling porkies 
if I said I was there for four hours.  
I did'nt even have a drink in one of the cafes.
They say the same thing about me being in Todmorden all day.
The thing is I like talking to the traders, so that's why I'm there so long.
I have to admit though four hours in Bacup is going it some and I only went in the card shop, four antiquey type shops, one charity shop and the newsagents.
 I did pick up some treasures and learnt a thing or two on the way.
This tiny enamel rooster teapot is made by Trade Plus Aid started in 1992 by Charlotte Di Vita to establish ethical trading initiatives.  I've never seen them before, apparently they are quite collectable and each one is numbered on the bottom. 
The french buttons were to nice to leave behind, I have the perfect frock to put the blue ones on.
The mustard/yellow ones are Bakelite.

I paid £2 for this leather bound autograph book given to someone called Marjorie (not my mum) by her schoolfriend Gladys. Which is ironic as my auntie is called that.
The names listed are pupils, 12/14 years old at one of the local schools in Rochdale near to me.
Some of them could be the grandparents of kids I went to school with.  I'm going to investigate the names further and ask my mum if she recognises any.  She lived in the area when she was growing up.
The two necklaces I picked up for 50p will be upcycled into new ones. Damn I forgot to show you the two bracelets I got for £1 as well. Never mind it will do another day when I show you what I've done with this old army tin box
Think "garden/rockery".  Philip (the welder husband) said that all the lads he worked with used to use them to keep their tools in as it stopped anybody nicking off with them due to the weight.

Nipping back up the page, the little suitcase was a steal at £8 and is perfect.  It will hold the stash of old trims and laces I have.

I love going in family owned Wishes Galore card shop in Bacup and trying to catch them out by asking for some obscure type of card.  I never do though they've got a card for every occasion including Bacup's Best Grandad haha.

One of the antique shops supplies props for tv programmes like Call The Midwife and the new Dad's Army films.  Things like old tins, cigarette packets, all the grocery goods we would have bought in those times.

Bacup is having a lot of work doing on the buildings after receiving some funding.
Its a real quirky little market town that I hope starts to see more people coming back into it.
Looking at the amount of antique shops opening up, there are seven now, and its monthly antique/vintage market it could be onto a winner.

Friday, 27 May 2016


My lovely niece Olivia celebrated her 11th birthday this week and I think we can safely say that she likes Henrietta Hippo crotcheted by my friend Helen.

I'm still dithering about joining the 2016 ICAD Challenge.  The task is to create a  piece of art each day on an index card for 60 days or for however many days you want to join in. 
 Its a great task really as you learn new techniques, are given prompts and it opens your mind to different ways of thinking.  
These are warm up exercises before the challenge starts proper on 1st June.
The exercises have already got me using my art stuff which I haven't picked up for sometime.
For this one we had to create circles, so I used an envelope I'd saved because
the retro pattern on the inside was to nice to chuck out.
This task was to create a design using washi tape.
I've used my Jessie Chorley printed sellotape and then hand stitched it to look like a brick wall, dog leads and shoe bows.
You have to make a front cover, so I cut up the photo of me in the dress made from a curtain and used the scraps to create flowers and leaves.

So will I join in or not.
Stay tuned to find out.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What's on my workdesk this week .....

First up happy 7th anniversary to all the WOYWW desk hoppers
And well done Julia for creating such a lovely community of bloggers

This week i've been stitching using up stuff from my fabric stash
and some sequins that friend Tania Freckleface sent me
Using strips of fabric I made some ribbon to tie around the parcel of 
 the Smelly Chops n Socks Lavender bag I made
These are a few of the cards I made for the Creative Challenge
ICAD - Index Card A Day back in 2014
I've been looking at them as the 2016 challenge is due to start and I might join in. 
Not sure yet.
Now did you guess what this thingymebob is from last week. Some of you did.  
Its an ancient board game called Mancala of which there are many variations.
Better for keeping your bits n bobs in I think.
There's a link here if you want to read more about it