Friday, 19 May 2017

To give or not to give that is the question

It is quite a difficult decision whether to give the friend you haven't seen for ages the 
beautiful bouquet of flowers you bought her or whether to keep them for yourself

Hmm !  Let me think 
I'll have a walk round to my favourite antique bookshop
while I decide.

I'll  have a quick browse round as you can never 
get a seat in this place. They keep the chairs on the 
ceiling for some reason.

Maybe if I buy myself a couple of books 
that will help me part with the flowers

.  Better not keep her waiting much longer.

The Old Coop Todmorden

Perhaps I could just grow some of my own

I'll sit and ponder over it some more. 
After all its a very serious matter.

Have you guessed I'm in my happy place of the little market town 
of Todmorden again.

Did I give them to her ?  Of course I did but I kept the books.
Happy Friday over at 


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Vintage girls do it with style

 On Sunday the vintage girls were out in force doing what we do best -
encouraging one another. 
Here we all are perusing our friend Vix's gorgeous stock


The wandering welder joined us as well. 

Frocks and tops were bought

This little 70's day dress came from Vix.

Handsome people were admired

Earrings and handkerchiefs came home with us
from Silly Gilly Vintage and Essentially Eagle Vintage

and beautiful crockery for our kitchen dresser
from friends Pat & Matthew of a Vintage Affair

The day was rounded off with a tea party for this lovely lady 
who is now 90 but was 16 when this picture was taken

Its always a fabulous day at Stockport Vintage Village
and we get to do it all again next month

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Just my imagination

Do you know the song ?  It came on the radio as I started my new project "This Hour Of Mine".  The aim is to create a curated wall, a little exhibition of collected things.  

After a lot of pondering I decided on a garden themed wall.
I shot off to the garden centre with a head full of ideas and came back with two lengths of trellis, a boot full of herbs and a bar of fancy soap for the wandering welder husband.

Next up everything came off the workroom wall, it was quite cathertic really as the pieces on it have been there years. The hammer and nails came out and up went the two trellis pieces.

Spent the rest of the day in heaven fiffing and faffing and these are the results so far.

The trellis is brilliant, you can pin things on it, hang things really easily.  You could even hanging your washing on it haha.

Now lets see if the wandering welder notices.

Over to Julia's blog now to see what all the lovely 
crafters have been up to this week.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Birds singing in the chandelier


Recently I met up with a lovely man and his wife who I used to work with.
We had lunch in the Whitaker Park Museum and art gallery in Rawtenstall in Lancashire.
It's a stunning building in a glorious setting overlooking the old mill town.

Look how they have retained the original tiles in the entrance.

The museum is housed in the 19th century former mill owner's residence, which was built in 1840 for the  Hardman family. At the time the house overlooked their woollen mill at New Hall Hey.
Eventually sold in 1902 to local businessman, Richard Whitaker, who presented the house and its grounds to his much loved home town of Rawtenstall with the intent that they be converted into parks and playgrounds for the community to enjoy. 

Offically opened by The Mayor Alderman H W Trickett in 1902, the museum first exhibited collections acquired from a number of local sources creating a museum of general interest. 
The first curator, also the local librarian, was a Mr Hargreaves Wilkinson, under his auspices the museum and its collection slowly started to develop through the years. Initially on the first floor and in two rooms downstairs (display space has always been at a premium) but in the 1930′s the museum endured significant growth and represented more of what you see in todays exhibits throughout the Natural and Social History rooms. 

It has retained many of the original features including the beautiful ornate radiators. So much nicer than the drab white things we have now.

This is what I loved the most. The central light fitting in the cafe bar.
The walls are painted in the dark colours favoured at the time of the build but upstairs in the gallery it has the modern white walls with strip lighting required to show of the artwork at its best.

If you are in the area it is well worth a visit but I will own up to not liking the Natural History Room, its full of dead stuffed animals, its horrible. Maybe thats your thing though, I don't know.
Oh and the food is great.

For more information here's the link

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Don't look Ethel.....

Do you remember that saying "don't look Ethel", was it a song or a tv programme ?

This is my unhealthy looking room from yesterday.  
I intended swooping through it in the day.

Had to stop for a breather and a cuppa

and a look at what Postman Steve had brought me.   
Postman Dave was on his day off.

They are all gifts from my lovely friend Tina Gilmore in Montgomery.   
She has been having a destash.

People that have been following me for some time will know that I am queen of the faffers.   
Consequently my room looks worse now than when I started.   
So the only thing for you to see is the top of my roller shutter cabinet.   
The rest of it you will have to wait for.

And the reason for this mass tidy up is because I want to start my new craft project.
I can't start anything without having a clear space and head as the mess blocks me creatively.
Doesn't that sound arty farty haha.

You will find some inspirational desks over at Julia's place if you pop over there

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Nearly forgot to put my clothes on

 It's been a bit busy around our house 
and I've forgotten to update the wardrobe blog. 

So here's a few recent finds, like this Tree People dress picked up in the charity shop
for £8.  It still had its original label on of £95 with reductions down to £30.

I wouldn't have paid £95 for it, I'd want a full wardrobe for that.
The knitted top came in at £3.49 and the vintage petticoat came from 
Garbo Antiques at Stockport Vintage Village last year.

This Ginzi blouse again £3.49, I thought about parting with it then realised
it went beautifully with the orange H&M skirt £4 and wool cardigan picked up on the £2.50 rail 
at Todmorden secondhand market.  Friend Julie made me the fabric brooch.

The preloved skirt, bought from Alice Fulljames of
is one of her own which she was getting rid of.

It goes great with  my vintage Wolsely jacket and Fly London boots.
After I had taken the photo I added a brown leather belt, another charity shop find.

Sunday I had a day out with Mr Dapper Chap at
Hebden Bridge Vintage Fair in Yorkshire.

and got this lovely 1950's barkcloth dress 
from Maggie of Garbo Antiques and 
Stockport Vintage Village.

Again it goes with another of my little vintage jackets.

Think that's it for now.
I'm in my messy missus outfit today as 
I'm clearing up my workroom in order for me to
start a new project.