Monday, 6 November 2017

In the blink of an eye

October came and went and I must have blinked I nearly missed it.

The nights are drawing in earlier and it’s fast approaching the silly season

I can feel I’m starting to hibernate away from the mayhem already

I’ve got this theory that if I get presents over and done with now, I’ll save myself weeks of thinking about it and wishing it was all over.  Yes I am one of those people who can’t stand the hype of it.

Anyway for now I’m getting snuggled up with a book friend Vix reviewed recently.  I read a sample few pages on a free kindle app and liked it enough to splash out on a hard copy.  I don’t do kindle reading only for samples, I much prefer to feel the structure of a book in my hand 

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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Auntie Gladys and the horses

I had to take my lovely 85 year old Auntie Gladys to hospital on Thursday for an operation to remove a cancer on her hand so I thought I better dress nicely, didn’t want to let her down.

Here she is a few summers ago sat in her garden in her best straw boater.  Well she regaled the doctors and nurses with her tales about her interest in the horses and how she liked a bet on a Saturday and how she follows certain stables and owners.

The local Chinese chippy man calls her Mrs Hobbs after one of the owners and often asks her for tips.

When they asked her how she was going to manage on her own cooking she told them she was quite able to throw a few peas in a pan.

As we came out of the recovery area I spotted this painting on the wall and pointed it out to the nurses and we all had a good giggle. Auntie Gladys said “How’m I goin to write me bet out now with this pot on me arm” and set us all off laughing again.

There’ll be lots of hospital visits over the coming months so I better get my outfits sorted for more high jinx’s with Auntie Gladys.  The nurses loved my clobber especially when I said it was a combination of vintage and charity shop finds and recycled curtains, sheets and pillowcases.

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Saturday, 28 October 2017

It's curtains for me again

Lovely talented friend Val has been at it again upcycling curtains into new outfits for me.

It was Val herself who spotted the potential for this curtain and quickly grabbed it knowing I’d love it.
The stripey top, scarf and waistcoat are charity shop finds.

The M&S blazer I found for £5 in Todmorden last year. 

Stitched wristband by the very talented and lovely Hens Teeth - Viv Sliwka.
The suspender brooch on my jacket is one of  Viv’s too.
She also holds some fantastic workshops

Silver bangles from Kendal based

There's a pinafore dress in the same material as well but I'm saving that for another day

The boots are on

I’ve really gone into Autumn mode with my clothes now.
Brooch by Bodkin Creates over on Instagram

The scarves are out and  my Fly boots have had a polish ready for a bit of
leaf kicking in the  Dell with my friend

The temperature is starting to drop now and somehow it seems to early or maybe it’s just my state of mind and the thought of closing up the caravan for the season 

Never mind there’s always cosy nights in with the lamps on and some good telly watching 

Have a nice weekend and don’t forget to put your clocks back an hour
I made this brooch myself using a curtain ring, string and beads.
(got a feeling I've told you that before)
and the skirt and top are made by Val using my charity shop find curtains.
The pockets are an old pillowcase

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Knit one, skip a year, purl one

I’ve picked up this basket of knitting again. Maybe this winter I will get this waistcoat finished. Only one side to do but don’t hold your breath will you

My friend has just finished knitting this cardigan for me.  I added the buttons from my stash and now it’s ready to wear.

Hope you all have a great crafty week over at

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Scrapbag Style

I’m very excited to have a new frock for winter made by my friend Val.

It’s made from some curtain scraps and a bit of Tweed leftover from a waistcoat she upcycled for Philip.

I made the brooch myself using  a curtain ring, some string, lace and beads.

I treated myself to some new long sleeve thermal vests from M&S to wear with it.  There’s the aubergine one I’m wearing here and an oatmeal one as well

Tights are from Gipsy Tights UK
Last years Fly London boots

The beret was a gift from an Instagram friend, she made it herself. So so talented.

The jacket and scarf were charity shop finds and go beautifully with it.

Val’s making me a tote bag with the scraps that are left.

The pinafore pattern is  Dottie Angel one available widely on the internet 

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