Wednesday, 23 November 2016


  Hello deskhoppers and fellow bloggers, my heading makes 
me sound like Gypsy Rose Lee this week.

Remember the scarf I finished last week
well I am giving it to a friend for her birthday. 
 I've made a box from vintage wallpaper to put it in.

Quick as you like i've started another 
scarf before the momentum vanishes.

I also found a use for some old wooden pegs 
that have been lurking in a basket for ages

And who would have thought you could draw
 inspiration from a bar of soap. 
Doodling with inks.

Have a great day and don't forget to 
pop over and see some inspirational 
workdesks over at Julia's place

Friday, 18 November 2016

The Bonkers Welder

  Come outside
What for ?
   Come outside  
 What's the rush ?
There's a lovely moon out there
(1962 Mike Sarne with Wendy Richards)

"We are ready for you now Mrs Holland" said the mad welder (my husband)
"What are you on about now" said I.
"You need to come outside" said he, giggling.

"Frida is already for her surgery, if you would like to 
see her before she goes down to theatre"

My bonkers husband had wrapped this old hospital screen 
around my precious VW Beetle, Frida.
"Where have you got that from" I asked.

Apparently they were throwing it out of one of the hospitals he was 
doing a job at and he rescued it, stripped it of its old material and covered 
it with flame retardent stuff and he now uses it when he has
 to corden off an area he is working in.  
Very resourceful, as well as barmy, don't you think.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

What's on my desk today .....

Lost for words

I have actually finished something

Now I have to decide whether to keep my scarf
or give it as a gift at Christmas

I'll put a bit of music on while I think about it.

Then have a look at what everyone else has 
been creating since last week.

Friday, 11 November 2016

What a week that was........

No I'm not talking about the USA elections.

 I'm SULKING because we had to 
close our caravan for the season.

I'm SMILING because we got this cosy chair from Sarah Moore 
off the BBC television programme "Money For Nothing".

You know the one, where she visits council tips and blags things 
off people that they are about to chuck out.  
She then gets a team of experts to make them into something else. 
After that she sells the item on and gives the profit 
to the people who were scrapping the item initially.

You will be able to see the episode where she rescues our chair 
in series three in the new year

Can you make out that its been reupholstered 
using a tweed coat and a wool throw.
The sides of the chair still have the coat pockets.
Its fabulous and looks great in our kitchen.

I was LAUGHING my head off at  multi talented Grayson Perry 
when we saw him at The Lowry on Tuesday night.  
His one man show talking about masculinity is a scream.
You may recognise his name from his other 
talent as a renowned ceramicist.

I'm looking DETERMINED as I want to get on 
with my winter tweedy scarf.

I'm PESTERING the pants off Philip to do this to the bonnet of my car.
Its had holes drilled into it to form a pattern then 
cross stitched in different shades of blue.

my best buddy Marilyn when we had a day as guinea pigs 
at a cookery school trial breadmaking class run by another friend Anna.

I told Anna if she can teach us two anything she can teach anybody.
We certainly put her through her paces and had a wonderful time.
Have a look on my last blog page to see what we made

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Friday Smiles

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A desk with a difference this week

I'm late but thats because I've been having a fantastic
day with my friend Marilyn making bread among other things
at a local cookery school.

So this is my desk for the day

We also made Pea & Watercress Soup

Some crumpets.  That demented one at the back is Marilyn's
but I have to tell you (she said) that she made the best loaf.

We also made the most delightful dips and then scoffed most of it and still managed 
to come home with bags full of goodies.

That was a lovely day that went all to quickly.
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Friday, 4 November 2016

Scary Friday Smiles ...

When my lovely next door neighbour Kayleigh asked 
if she could borrow my glue gun little did I know 
what a creative feast we would see at Halloween.

Along with daughter Evie and son Jack they
 made these fantastic head dresses based on 
the Mexican "Day of the Dead" theme.

They forgot the Frida Kahlo eyebrows though.

I've got first dibs on those earrings.

Hubby Chris played along as well

And young Jack looked scary with his 
skeleton glove and beady eye

Aren't they a fun loving family.
Super neighbours as well.

These pumpkins were made by our friends and 
neighbours the Blincoe family.

They are a talented lot on our lane

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