Friday, 11 June 2021

Friday Smiles …… staycation and friends

Yay we’ve made it to our caravan for the first time this season.
Fingers crossed we will get more use out of it this year and there
will be no more lockdowns.

For the first time in years we had a water burst and it was quite
a big one.  Philip had the foresight to bring tools and materials
in case of such an event.

Good job he’s a practical sort of chap and he managed to repair
it before I had to resort to having to pee behind a tree.

The telly which had been left wrapped up in a blanket in the
wardrobe, along with the radio/cd player, kicked into life as
soon as they were plugged in.  It always amazes me when they
do, when you consider they’ve been left for months in a freezing

Thursday we had a meet up with friends who live in Ulverston & Broughton.
We had a fine lunch at The Blacksmith Arms, a lovely old inn built in 1748
and in the middle of nowhere.  

The food and company were first class.  Apart from wearing
masks it all felt very normal.

We had a little walk around the area after lunch then drove
back to Broughton, had a look round the antique centre, then
while the chaps went off to the pub to try a couple more
local beers us girls headed off back to Donna’s to warm up
with cups of tea and to have a tour of her beautiful renovated
old cottage.

While Philip renews the outside skirting boards of our old caravan
today (Friday) I’m off to get a culture fix at nearby Levens Hall.

I didn’t think I’d be able to do a blog post today as usually the WiFi
is pretty naff on the caravan site.  I can only think they’ve put a new
system in as it’s full steam ahead with my posting.

More about that next time.

I’ll leave this daft picture with you to make up your own


  1. It’s so good to see you’re out and about and making the best of life. Enjoy every minute.
    Annie x

  2. How great that you got to your caravan. Too bad about the leak, though. I hope there wasn't any mold as a result. That is what I would worry about.

    It's wonderful you were able to visit with friends and give us a little tour around the area where you are staying. Thanks for taking us along. I am sorry, but I have nothing to add on that daffy photo. But it sure made me smile! Have a super weekend and upcoming week, Lynn.

  3. So pleased to see you at the caravan good job you have someone useful with you they do come in handy sometimes! Mmm...looks like you've got a friendly squatter, he should be living outside but appears to have moved in xXx

  4. Nice you are using your caravan, and I like your sunny yellow dress with daisies/sunflowers on it.

  5. It is good to get out and about again, and to meet up with friends. The caravan sounds as though it has weathered well considering. Is't it good to have a handy hubby. Mine is no handyman, but he is a great technology buff and sorts my phone and computer regularly. Hope you get more chances to use the van this summer.
    By the way, I love the daisy dress! Kate x

  6. It is great getting out and about again, isn't it. We loved visiting the caravan my mum owns and can not wait to go again. Enjoy getting out and the sunshine :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to The Weekend Link Up. I hope you can join us again on Monday for Creative Mondays #TheWeekendLinkUp

  7. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to be back at the caravan! Apart from the water burst, obviously ...
    Meeting up with friends, pub lunches and a browse in an antiques centre ... sounds like music to my ears! xxx

  8. Look at that trio of gorgeous gals!!
    Jon was only asking when you'd be at the caravan a couple of weeks ago and he loved seeing the photos. His grandparemnts had a static in wales when he was a little boy and he still waxes lyrical about it 50 years later! xxx