Saturday, 14 October 2017

Rocking a mini

This young lady was 15 years old when we got married in 1989 and today she married her own Prince Charming and her 1990 mini came along as well.

It was never going to be a conventional affair with these two.  They had ducks given them as wedding presents and Bat Out Of Hell playing at the wedding among other off the wall tunes.

A super talented friend of mine made the flower arrangements.  It’s hard to believe these are her first attempts at it.

We rocked up in our best charity shop clobber including this dress made from a curtain by friend Val.

I’m thinking of hiring the wandering welder out as a professional model.  I think he scrubs up rather well in his £10 Harris Tweed jacket and moleskin trousers and waistcoat.  The Italian Ferragmo shoes came from a posh charity shop in Chipping Norton, Oxford when we last visited my sister 

May the happy couple have as long and happy marriage as ours.  Now sing us another song Gaz


  1. What a fabulous couple! Or rather: two couples! You and Philip are looking fantastic too. Philip's looking rather like a male model as well, maybe we could start an agency and hire Philip and Jos out ;-) xxx

  2. Two stunning couples!
    Now, that's what I call a stylish wedding, the bride & groom look phenomenal as do you. xxx

  3. Oh wow what a novel and clever wedding with lots of unique things going on!